Lancer needs increased damage

One of the reasons newbies don’t linger in the “Gears 5” is the gameplay that is tied to a single shotgun. Of my seven friends who played this game, only one lasted a month in it. There is no variety in multiplayer. Lancer should not occupy the niche of a useless weapon. Gnashers of war is an outdated formula. There are numerous alternatives. That being said, the plot and the company are great. Professional players and fans may disagree. This is a beginner’s perspective. Peace for everyone.

No. No. I just can’t anymore.


The point of the game is close quarters combat. What gun works well when you’re close to someone? Exactly, the longshot! I think they should replace the gnasher with the longshot. Loadout should be 2 slots dedicated to flashbangs, a lancer that shoots flashbangs, and a longshot without a scope for when you get in nice and close.


“you missed”

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See? This guy gets it. The other guns should just be reskinned Gnashers.

The lancer is a support weapon in gears, it’s not call of duty. If you want to get kills use the Gnasher. You might not like it but that’s how the game works.


Tell him to play arcade mode. He’d love it there

And yet, here you are. lol

Completely untrue. I get kills with the lancer every match I play. This gnashers of war junk is getting old. It really does need a damage increase because I have had people charge through 13 hits straight at me and still get a gib. It needs put back to at the very least 11 shots to down but 10 would be better with the horrible net code that gears has.