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'Lancer Grenade Launcher' confirmed

Im wondering if it will play like the booshka. I wouldnt mind that returning in some shape or form

That’s exactly how i see it. It’s almost 100% it will launch smoke grenades or flash grenades that STUN unlike smokes, that will be viable if it is selectable as a loadout upon spawning. There is no way i can imagine it would launch frags or explosives as that would be unbalanced and would make the boomshot/dropshot weapons obsolete.

I’m very confident about what i said above and am convinced that is the way it would work, Especially if you can select it in your pre-game loadout lobby.

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If it shoots stun grenades…

Oh BOY will it be fun getting blinded AND lancered down at the same time.

It has to be a power weapon pick up if not its gonna be way too crazy lol

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that already happens in gears 4 and im pretty sure it was confirmed that stuns wont be like smoke anymore.

I meant the flash bangs… the flashbangs disrubpt your vision completely.

Why does it need to be a direct hit? Grenades have a blast radius so it shouldn’t need a direct hit.


Yeah. Torque Bow and Booshka didn’t need direct hit either to kill.

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I don´t think this will be a standard weapon. I think, it will be like the Retrolancer, a power weapon. It will be interesting too see. I don´t think it will be as powerfull as the Boomshot.

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you have to fight to get the boomshot, actually hit the target, and you do not start with it, the difference is a mile wide

Yeah. I just went to check you are right.
Holy crap…Booshka was insanely powerful. It didn’t require one but if you did get a direct hit it was a one shot kill. Gonna correct my post, but if it fires the same way, or similar, to the Booshka, I hope they nerf any splash damage.

I honestly thought it was really weak if you didn’t hit them directly. Forgot about that game and it’s mechanics. For good reason.

I found this. Pretty old, but it’s not a bad argument.

Nope. Edited my post after seeing Booshka in action. I understand its a grenade, but my main argument is still that a grenade launcher shouldn’t be a starting weapon if it’s grenade is strong, but if it is, there should be a major drawback or some kind of Achilles heel to it. I’m sure the designers know what they’re doing, just really against it being on the level of the Noobtube.

It can certainly make the difference in 1v2 battles

Well…so we got info on it. I hope it’s extremely limited in terms of ammo.

I don´t understand it. What is a cent placement?
Does that mean, that it´s a power weapon?

So it fires rockets?


Yes. Center line.

RPG stands for rocket propelled grenade.

Ah, so it´s not a starter weapon. I´m relieved now. A ■■■■■■■ RPG as an starter weapon could have been devastating.