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'Lancer Grenade Launcher' confirmed

Most of you probably already know this, but it has been confirmed by IGN. (Don’t know if it’s also usable in Vs/Horde mode)

IGN says:

This is described as a “modern tactical variant of the COG assault rifle equipped with mortar.”


So soon they will confirm perkdecks… so players will be able to drop a grenade on death

Let’s hope you can spam mike-mikes off rip, wouldn’t that be awesome?

I saw this when the video went up,

Would be good to have something else on the Lancer - I almost never chainsaw.

A Grenade launcher in the sense that you can throw smokes and nades without switching to them would be really useful.

But, will have to see how it works first.


Wait, what?

Noob tubes for daaaays.


Don’t make it a MW2 dude

I’d be curious to how the Grenade Launcher attachment performs in comparison to Boomshot. Would it be stronger or weaker?

Great, so they decided to bring COD to the game after all. Going to see a bunch of Noob Tubers going around now


Probably like the Booshka.


People aren’t giving TC enough credit here. TC have done an excellent job in balancing multiplayer weapons, aside from active reload boosts and the retro lancer. And they’re dedicated af to esports, so there’s no way they introduce something as broken as noobtubes in COD.

This might be a power weapon, need to grab an ammo crate for, only in PvE, etc. Even if they introduce potentially guhay stuff like this, they’ll at least balance it.


"TC have done an excellent job in balancing multiplayer weapons" No they haven’t in the slightest.

"they’re dedicated af to esports" That’s not a good thing, in fact it’s the worst to thing to do and it’s because of eSports we got that absolutely awful 2 weapon tunings that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Even Judgement wasn’t that stupid to introduce 2 weapon tunings.


Honestly the two weapon tunings dont make much of a difference even in the slightest. I play escalation, gnashers, tdm and koth. It really doesnt matter. And other then that Gears 4 is the most balanced shooter i have ever played.

Well my character in verses will be full of big holes,hoping that they don’t do active reload,like they have in gears 4.:flushed:

How have the not balanced the game really well?

Not only is it well balanced in general compared to most other games, but it’s specifically way better all the past Gears (Gears 1 is debatable).

This is irrelevant. The point I’m making is that they are committed to balance and a competitive experience, unlike COD.

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Yeahhh bad news mate, they brought back the awful active reload system from 4 from what I’ve seen in the Escape gameplay.

Active Reload is a big aspect of Gears.

I really enjoy it being in the game.

The speed bonus is enough, extra damage debatable but it definitely is a part of the series.


I was only talking about the active reload in Gears 4 or more specifically the active reload in versus. The classic active reload from the very beginning of the series is still great and much preferred than the active reload anytime.

I like the Active Reload Anytime.

Saves teammates emptying clips and then complaining they need ammo.

Plus, I keep practicing and hitting reloads as often as I can so it becomes 2nd nature and I can do it without looking.

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But the bonus effects are smaller then the old system where there’s a pretty big difference. It just feels pointless to have it at this point anymore.