Lancer GL has been removed from game?

Read hard

You should convince the devs to call it the freedom lancer during one of their streams

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Dude its the only reason I really watch the dev streams at this point they know its me but chose to ignore

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JD was the only true Unique character on Gears 5 Horde, and now he has sunk to the depths of the other characters. It makes the Engineer the only character now in the game with any sort of uniqueness. Mostly.

Has Assault rifle damage perk…
Doesn’t start with an Assault rifle!?!



Ah yes, the fighting game devs playbook.

Character op? Nerf the problem, instead of buff the rest of the roster

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Assault Rifle Perk… Not sure what you mean here, are you referring to the Perks in game, which the Engineer is the only character not having one. Or are you meaning the Skill Cards, because this is the only viable option, and if so, which i am hoping, then Baird is a Horde character and an Escape character, the Assault Rifle is the Enforcer, but i am also in to the thinking Baird has a Skill Card for Dee Bee weapons, so i am wondering even further as to what you are on a bout. Unless you are referring to JD, which in that case the Lancer GL IS an Assault Rifle.

Yes he means perks like the ones engineer doesn’t have

I mean I would just pick up a claw or hb

I play Baird, alot. So, my go to weapons are the Markza and the Gnasher, with a weapons locker i favour the Boomer and Longshot too. Usually, i swith between Markza and Longshot and Boomer and Gnasher, giving each swap time to reload.
I hate the Claw, and not to fond of the HB either. Totally hate the Enforcer and not keen on the Embar, i have the constant habit of rushing the charge, ultimately failing the shot 60% of the time. Stupid idea.
But, yeah, my own favourite is definately the Markza, and i must be the only one, or at least a small few that dislikes the Overkill.

No what I was saying is if he is playing as JD and he wants to use the assault damage perk he can pick one up off the ground until he can buy a GL

People may not be supportive of Judgement but the Markza(Mk2?) with scope and the Breechshot are both 100% better than the Markza Mk1 we have in Gears 4/5 which is like a hybrid between the two that only takes the worst aspects of both weapons, eg a lack of accuracy at very long range due to not having a scope and comparatively low damage per shot compared to Longshot/EMBAR.

For long range, i got to admit i barely have a problem with the Markza, only when i combine the shots too quickly. To be completely honest though, maps that are long range, i tend to have a weapons locker with 2 Longshot and 2 Markza, i will use Longshot for extreme range, for say one side of the map to the other (Harbour) and the Markza for medium to long’ish range.
I do prefer the Markza in Gears of War 4 Horde and Gears 5 Horde. Sounds silly, but i do.

Speaking of Gears of War Judgement, i went on it the other day, and i thought about the Booshka. I wonder if that would make a return one day. It could happen. Maybe.

how is this thread still going? the answer was given in the 1st reply.

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I was telling people this when on Gears 4 forums. Which do you think did more damage per shot, Judgment Markza or Gears 4-5 Markza? Did Judgment Markza have 10 bullets? While Gears 4 was 6 bullets and Gears 5 being 8 bullets or 10? There was something about Versus Tuning being different in Op 3. How’s the recoil? If I remember correctly, Judgment Markza had low to no recoil? And Gears 4 had recoil but manageable and almost none when using Steady Hand card in Horde. And Gears 5, well it had manageable lower recoil at launch until they brought it up over time. I’m not sure if Steady Hand card in Gears 5 Horde improves the recoil on Markza. It makes you wonder why TC went with scope-less design when it was inferior.

And Breechshot must have seemed so cheesy. It would have 100% been better than Markza at mid range. It even rivalled with Longshot too much with how it one shot at far long range. It was easy when the reticule went red and you knew it would be headshot. Judgement buffed the Longshot by allowing the perfect active reload to function like that Gears 4 card which I forgot name for, but also similar to Gears 5 X-Ray and EMBAR. It basically allowed you to shoot through multiple enemies. Even through bodyshot, which Torque can do through headshot. But I doubt this bonus perk was useful enough, because enemies don’t line up often. What better way to balance Breechshot? Well they could have given it limited range so it’s no longer effective beyond mid-range.

If One Shot was such a good weapon, why wouldn’t they add it in Gears 4 or 5? Well it could have one-shot bosses like Warden, Snatcher, Carrier, Stump, flyers, Kestrel or even Matriarch easily on weak point. But it would have been interesting though. Or too OP. Which enemy would drop it? We can’t buy heavy weapons from fab anyway in Gears 5 but Gears 4 was exception. It worked better in Gears 3 Horde when weapons were scattered around the map as pickup weapons that you had to buy with $ money.

The Booshka was seen in Clayton’s hands in the Gridiron trailer so I can see it being added in the game alongside Paduk. I hope he’s gonna be added sometime in OP3 just like they add the OP1 characters and Kantus in mid Operation

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100000% agree. It has completely demolished my horde experience

Kait still demolishes in Horde