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Lancer fire not slowing down target in Ranked?

Is it just me or does the lancer not slow a target down at all in ranked? Is that by design?

Either the lancer to do more damage or they need to at least slow a target down to give it more utility.

Its the same in 4. The lancer doesnt have stopping power.

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lancer in 4 has more stopping power when you shoot people in the feet. why? i dont know, shooting them in the head makes more sense but i really dont think tc considered this very well… to me, it does not make rational sense

Active reload your Lancer and you’ll melt people.

Thats funny never noticed this!

ill be honest…
it makes me rage lol… like its infuriating cause id rather shoot them in the head… but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol

:joy::joy::joy: now i have to try it!!!

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you 1000% have stopping power in ranked

the lancer is strong as hell in core… why are bad kids complaining about the lancer lol. its already way too strong


Thanks for the notion of shooting the feet… (???), I’ll try it.

Comments that the lancer absolutely melts people are not factual when it comes to Ranked. You can run a lane straight through fire. I do it all the time and people do it to me.

I would absolutely love to see the stats on kills/damage done with Gnasher vs Lancer.

It needs to do more or slow down movement. You should be punished for running a stupid route through fire.

If the idea is the developers love the game to be so gnasher focused, then I would also accept leave it exactly as it is and enable me to switch to my secondary faster. This would welcome more play where you punish with lancer and then finish.

Don’t even make this about me - just look at the top-level eSports play from Optics. They run around with Gnashers where unless there is a team fire/support opportunity, they stay Gnasher. So claim I suck all you want, but I bet they’re better than you are.

I just want a more diversified weapon set where every gun has a place.

I fully agree that lancer should have stopping power. Not sure why the enforcer has it and the lancer doesnt. The Lancer damage is fine though. But like you said, someone shouldnt be able to roadie run through a stream of lancer fire.

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No weapons should have stopping power.

Why shouldn’t someone be able to run through a stream of lancer fire, when you’re just standing there (probably even camping)? That’s why each player has health. If you cant down that person before they kill you, that’s your problem.

Having stopping power, encourages people to camp.

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I mean people camp regardless. I get 95% of my kills with the Gnasher. But thats fine if you want no stopping power then it should be removed from all the weapons.

Tell me lancer is weak again

Either you’re getting screwed by this games terrible netcode/lag comp or you have bad aim.

Its not weak if its headshots.

I mean compared to four that video actually proves its weak. Im talking Core not Comp. . Compared to comp tuning its strong.

Totally agree,played a few games on core,couldn’t understand why I was dying so quickly and I could down them swarm/Cog easy.

So, I imagine that was him with an active reload and he hits a massive amount of headshots. How the gun performs with active reload is another question, not to mention considering how much time it takes to even set up that opportunity where active reload is on.

Here is footage of me dumping a lancer at short (unsafe range) into an AFK player without active reload.

Even with a target that isn’t moving at all and my gun placed on his head at an unsafe engagement distance it takes almost 2 seconds.

Now, do that on a target that is at medium range (outside of gnasher range) and you will be doing considerably less headshots due to the weapon spread & recoil, not to mention the movement of the target. As such, you are talking about a gun that cannot effectively stand on its own merit even if used correctly.

The current state of the Lancer requires using it in a support capacity where you are not the primary target or with team fire to get it done, which I’ve said if that is the intention of the weapon then there is no problem, but then let me switch off of lancer faster so that I can open with lancer to punish and then switch to finish. The current model has a very slow gun switch which greatly limits when you can safely employ Lancer where you wouldn’t have been better off just leaving the gnasher on the entire time.

A matter of personal preference, but I would prefer that the gnasher should be the gun to switch to when you are able to get in close, not when you are 30 yards out so you don’t even bother taking the lancer out. Long gun switch times also means players are afraid to leave the lancer out because you risk getting caught with your pants down if you don’t leave the gnasher on.

Yeah i dont see how people are saying the Lancer is OP. This proves 100% otherwise. Now change that to body shots and its basically a BB gun.


Watching that video it looks like the Gears 4 Retro doing body shots… (the length of time it takes to down)… That’s what it ‘feels’ like, watching it…