Lancer Execution Challenge

Does Co Op vs AI not count for Public Versus with this one? I was able to get one of the challenges earlier done by using the mode to get the necessary things done; is that not the case this time around? I played 4 games or matches, and nothing shows up on the achievement list or even the tracker here on the site.

I believe it was stated that Co Op vs AI doesn’t count. I know Social does.


Must have missed that - thanks - figured it didn’t considering that nothing showed up but thought I’d ask anyhow…thanks for the 411.

I saw it mentioned here. Maybe try searching it.

It was confirmed on twitter that it doesn’t count, I also tried myself to check, same result.


Thanks Ghost - yeah I remember I was able to get the Gilded Scion done while doing that Co Op vs AI mode, if I remember correctly …. odd that it wouldn’t work this time - not sure why but that’s not a big deal.

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