Lancer Division reward are nice but .. I CAN'T FIND A SINGLE RANKED GAME

Yesterday, i was playing SW Jedi: Fallen Order while searching a game of Escalation, so i put time into queueing … i waiting for 1h15 before restarting my xbox and then i waited for 40 more mins without finding any game.
Not the first time that it happenend to me and i’m not even talking about not finding a ranked Escalation in over a month, and if someone want to ask, no my internet is fine.

Tho, this week end i found a ranked Koth game quite easily, and in Europe, but that’s not what i want to play, i find the spawns stupid, and most people are fairly bad, and mostly don’t know how to play the gametype, it’s sad that after over 10 years of playing gears i can’t even find a game without bots in the gametype i like …

It’s really sad, since the rank reset i am at 0/5 placements matches in both Escalation and Execution … And what is probably worse, and sadly the truth is that all the time i “played” gears 5 lately, i think honestly 75% where queueing and searching for a ranked match, that i never found … Honetly guys i don’t even know what to say, do you find Escalation / Execution games elsewhere in the world ? Is it an EU problem since there matchmaking changes ?

Serves you right for playing that filthy game type.

Not sure if sarcasm or not since Escalation gets ton of hate here, rightfully too, but still …

Gears 4’s Escalation was really really great, it wasn’t something fancy but when you think about it everything fitted exactly right how it needed to. And it was very interesting to play, and changed pace compared to Execution.

Gears 5’s Escalation is relatively bad, it has a lot of problems, and if i could find a single Execution game i would play that instead, but at least in Escalation i have hope of finding a game, and to me Escalation despite being bad is still way more interesting than Koth or TDM.


It wasn’t :joy:

Anyway, when comparing the two I’d have to agree. It wasn’t the worst mode, I wasn’t fully against the 5-round Core-tuning version. I could select to spawn my bloody Hammerburst anywhere :+1:

Gears 5’s version is a disaster, they’ve tried to add too much to it and as a result have over-complicated it and made more of a chore to play than anything else.

Personally I prefer the Core modes anyway, such as TDM and KotH.

What saddens me, if that’s not a new feeling, it’s something that happens, when you load a game you didn’t played for 4 years and can’t find a game.
But here it’s on a game released like 3 months ago.

In South America / Brazil I can only find TDM and only between 10pm- 1am.

Any other ranked mode? nope, not for the last 2 months.

I can’t even find a social quickplay game in my region since I arrive at 200+ ping land after a 3+ minute search.

I’m seriously starting to believe that TC shuts down the servers during the day and opens them at night. I couldn’t find ONE social quickplay on sunday but after 10pm I wait no longer than 30 seconds for TDM.

Cost of living outside of MERICA. But seriously I feel sorry for those that have this issue. The Coalition really needs to do something about this.


If it were only that easy. If people don’t want to play then TC can’t just snap their fingers and get people playing. They’re trying. They’re changing it. They’re offering rewards just to play. If that doesn’t bring people then it’s just not gonna happen with this game.

Yes it’s sad,especially if you play a triple AAA game, if such a games doesn’t find games in your region, it doesn’t give much thope for other games …