Lancer Damage Has Been Reverted?

I have noticed that people are no longer tanks once they go down and only require around 4 bullets to fully die from the lancer.

I don’t know if this intentional as I haven’t seen any patch notes. Also the servers are really messed up now so maybe that has caused a bug or something :s

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Haven’t paid attention to it but I definitely get annoyed when half a clip won’t even kill a downed enemy.

If this is true, than Gears 5 is back to being a top tier game!


From what distance did you shoot the person?

Because TC has that stupid system in place in at least some modes where DBNO enemies take more damage to kill(or rather, take less of it) when further away.

Yes, it sounds completely idiotic/nonsensical but they said it themselves at some point this exists.

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Well I shot people from close and very far away. From very far away I would say it took about 6 or 7 bullets when I am expecting half a mag+ to kill someone. At medium its 4-5 and close 3-4 ish.

i think it usual gridiron and execution where it takes more bullets to kill a DBNO could be wrong

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Same for CTF. It takes like 10-12 bullets to kill a DBNO enemy.

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In gow 1 & gow 2 multiplayer the lancer had almost double the damage than in other editions. As of gow 3, the damage to the lancer in multiplayer mode was considerably reduced, this to make it a more physical and melee mode with the use of the gnasher. It also changed the gameplay a lot. in gow 1 and 2 it was more of a game of team and strategy. at 3 onwards, melee skill is better …

Difficult to judge, more lancer damage especially when the enemy is on the ground would be good, don’t think the TC will change anything about weapon balancing

It won’t be top tier until I get gears 3 Dom