Lancer Chainsaw when clip is empty

Can you please make it so we can chainsaw instead of reloading when we empty the clip? It is very frustrating that in the tech test when I run out of ammo and there is someone in front of me that I can’t chainsaw them as a last resort because I have to reload. This is especially a problem in Arcade where the Lancer has a bit more importance. Anyone else feel this way?


The chainsaw being on the reload button is wonky in several ways. The slight change in timing has also been awkward.

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Ya. Hopefully they’ll make some adjustments to it, cuz I don’t mind having a separate button dedicated to melee as long as it doesn’t mess with my lumberjacking


Does it help to turn automatic reloads off? Last I heard, that was an option in the settings from when players tested Escape, so it should be in the Tech Test as well.

But then, I figured it won’t really fix the issue if the buttons aren’t implemented correctly. Didn’t really like having the RELOAD button used for more than just one action, reloading, even if I understood the reason for the change. Bound to mess something up.

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