Lancer can headshot now!

What would you call this tuning? More headshot damage?

I wouldn’t call it a tuning in first place.

No… “Arcade tuning”. But it’s just increased headshot damage. That’s it.


Well, there you go. Damage itself is exactly the same.

What would you call comp tuning? Less gun damage tuning? The weapons work differently its a different tuning.

How about calling it increased headshot damage multiplier? Since it doesn’t affect base damage on body shots.

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How about calling it i play arcade and my guns do more damage with headshots it must have a different tuning?

Whatever helps you sleep at night, man.


It’s called arcade for a reason.

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Exactly, because it has a different tuning. This guy gets it!

I get your point, but it’s vastly different from what we had in gears 4 where weapon ranges and damage values were very different. The only difference here is that aiming for the head gives more damage, like a big head mutator in other games.


Arcade only as far as online modes go but you can also headshot with literally any gun all throughout the campaign.