Lancer can headshot now!

I’m not sure how I feel about this , I can see it getting abused by pc players . It was bad enough them using Marksa and Boltok.
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Arcade will play differently from regular versus modes.


Yeah this is only in Arcade. Any weapon can headshot.


Abused by PC players?

Not everyone will just instantly start hitting 100% headshots just because they are on PC :sweat_smile:

And anyway, weapons that can’t normally do it can in Arcade only.


Delete this

My goodness, have you ever played on PC? You don’t get diamond level just by using a mouse, you have to play a lot and git gud, just like everyone else.

Arcade mode? It’s going to be a chaotic mess :grinning:

I play on PC and don’t even use a M&K.


It is only in Arcade, not in any other mode!

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Calm your poka-dotted panties, it’s not going to spread into mainstream Versus. It’s arcade, could be an eventual power upgrade for the Lancer, nothing more.

TC are crazy, but even they would try something like that.

I’ve also seen many, many terribly inaccurate PC players. So that means nothing.

Even PC takes skill. And not everyone on PC is using M&K. I refuse to make the switch!


Indeed, you’ll find the majority of PC users use an Xbox Controller. A bad player is a bad player, regardless of whatever they’re using to play the game.

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Trust me, I’ve seen some questionable PC players too.

The skill range for both platforms is the same, lowest to highest.

PC players are just thought to be instantly good because of hardware - not the case.


There are too many factors to determine if PC even makes that much of a difference. I still think Ping/lag comp have a bigger impact. And some of the spikes are so random.


Most definitely.

Game is completely different when I’m at 5ms ping and everyone is below 30ms.

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You say that now but once the complaints of two tunings start up again Tc will have no choice but to combine the tunings for gears 6.

There is only one tuning in Gears 5.

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This thread is literally about how theres two tunings .

Arcade mode is less about tuning and more about being a different kind of game. Characters in Arcade mode have unique loadouts and passive abilities.


And the weapons deal different damage than in other modes. How is that not a different tuning?

Like I said, it’s like its own game. The gamemodes everyone played before will ALL have one tuning.