Lancer and Gnasher once switched on the D pad won't switch back

Surely I can’t be the only one experiencing this? I accidentally swapped my gnasher and lancer on the d pad and there is no way to resolve this and move the gnasher back to the left arrow even in the lobby. This is really frustrating when playing in ranked and is difficult to get used to considering the past 6 years of brain work i’ve used getting the gnasher out with the left arrow is now being contested.

Please fix this .

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Just happened to me I’m spazzing out over this I’ll have my lancer out and have to switch my gnasher quick musucle memory auto goes to left

I think its somehow in the settings and we just keep overlooking it obviously

I’m about to just go on the controller mapping and switch the right and left dpad like that :joy:

It’s in the customisation menu or on the loadout screen in game

Did anybody find a solution to this ?? It’s driving me crazy ):