LAN of the lost?

GEARS 5 only option for any offline play beyond campaign was LAN where you could play some vs ai matches in the various modes.Has TC now become so petty that they take what little this game offered offline away?My internet works well mostly but durning those rare times is down i used to have atleast afew gears5 options now we have nothing!

How are you posting this if you don’t have internet?


I have internet and it works,but lan normally works if your offline as well,allowing you to play single player vs ai games,but now it doesn’t.The other negitve effect is the game can’t load your chars or weapons data also fouling any play options offline.

Pretty sure Kilo briefly commented on this during the last stream and said that there won’t be any changes.

Changes to whats,because making lan useless offline is clearly a big change.

How are you posting this on wifi?

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How are you posting this on the discovery plus app?


I certainly understand your frustration, but unfortunately this is not an issue that is unique to Gears 5. Many AAA games require players to be online to do just about anything.

I might have understand to if this had been this way when gears 5 released but offline lan vs did work offline now it doesn’t TC could have saved such a change for gears 6,i wouldn’t like that either but had they released it that way then atleast it’s easier to understand but to change this option in a game that has had it for well over 1 yr+ comes off as pointless and petty when it didn’t effect the main game in anyway.

It was lonely before now it’s been more lonely

This funny

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Which is completely insane considering it worked for the longest before. Now you can’t even switch off of JD and the Swarm Drone because of something they did, and now they’re saying they’re not gonna do anything about it?!