Lambent skins need a bit more glow

I love that we finally got lambent skins in gears 5, but I can’t help but feel they just aren’t as good as the GOW4 variants (with the correct glowing effects) and deserve a little bit more love. In 3 and 4, they had that “pulse” effect where they got brighter and dimmed (I don’t mention 2 cause they didn’t really look like much when we saw those grenadiers and I don’t mention 1 cause those wretches didn’t look all that great - until they were redone in UE), but it seems in 5 they’re just a static yellow looking color without any glowing/pulsing effect, which is really kind of a bummer.

Does anyone else feel like the FFA “1st place glow” looks great when you play as a lambent character and that the effect should be on all lambent skins in regular PvP? It adds to the look of the skin and since it doesn’t pulse and/or glow normally, that FFA effect really helps out. I hope TC make something happen and add that glow, cause as of right now, I’m seeing locust with mustard spilled all over them, not imulsion/lambency.


I agree, the current lambent yellow “glow” seem like a matte spray paint over their bodies, and same with the blood. Nothing compared to the originals.

Lame they teased them as “glowies” but they dont even glow in game.


The only good one is the drone, because he’s the same one from G4. So I just got him. Had no interest in buying the others.


The were made as seperate characters for the purpose of making skins for them. There will be more.

I know Tc said they intentionally put the lambent skins in their own slots (instead of having them in with the regular drone, grenadier & Theron) because they were gonna have fun creating other variants, but if you take the lambent drone as the example… that’s the same one from 3 that had a glowing/pulsing effect. It glowed in 4. Now that it’s in 5, it no longer has a glowing effect and it’s just a static looking yellow color. I get that there will be more variants, but the base version of it used to have that glow effect and now it doesn’t… that’s what I’m referring to.

I highly doubt TC will make an identical lambent drone with the missing glowing effect… they should know by now how upset the community would be if they tried to sell an identical model with the glo that should be on the base model to begin with…, so… my point is that I think any future models will only be different takes on lambent characters… likely a more mutated drone or one that resembles the gow2 lambent grenadier… not the same one, just with a different looking lambent infection.

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That would be a pretty lousy move for them, even by TC’s standards.

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according to you, the imulsion should shine more, TC thanks for adding to the lambent but if they should have that shine that highlights them images (49)

It does look like spray-paint.

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