Lambent Locust in GOW 4?

I heard rumors that a Lambent Granadier Elite Locust will be include in Gears 4. Is this true?

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TC will never comment on rumor and speculation however I haven’t heard anything about this other than people like myself who have wanted to play as the Lambent Grenadier since the Gears 2 days. I hope as far as rumors go that this one turns out to be true!


Hopefully, because many players get in love with them in gears 3 and the Onix Guards too from the COG side.

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It’s awful late in the game, so to speak, to include fresh characters like that. We did see lambent guns however so you never know…


Your probably right, but with TC nobody can’t know what is going to be there next move.

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There are already lambent swarm in horde.

No their no lambent swarm at all you must be mistaken with gears of war 3 horde.

I would love a Lambert drone Skin from Gears 3 so much!

Yes It unfortunately it got leaked.

The scions make the swarm glow lambent or somethings in Gears 4 horde. People also have asked them to be in the game pack also. Check horde again on Gears 4. When i play horde again, I will post a picture of it.

Yea those are not lambent though it the scions making the swarm evolving faster.

All I am saying is that Scions are making them glow. I hope lambent makes it into gears 4.

After reading the what’s up, it looks like lambent coming in August!


Just saw that too, i’m actually kinda hyped at the idea.

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me too and also Rise of the Raam credit packs are coming.

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read the whats up. theyre not rumors, theyre coming in august

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its about time.
imagine if we got a lambent berserker skin…how awesome would that be?!

who knows already filtering several characters (the most striking was the master chief and resulted according to the law that was edited) as well as others or designs of weapons only tc remains silent are just rumors but it would not be a bad lambent or infected already last minute