Lambent in Gears 2?

Im kinda confused, in a cutscene from gears2, when we meet Myrah. she talks about the lambent…I thought they were only in Gears3?

No, they are also in Gears 2, but under a different, less mutated form. The green-ish yellow glowing Grenadiers in Nexus for example are Lambent Locust. That’s basically what’s going on when you end up going into Nexus after Myrrah, the Locust being attacked and driven out by the Lambent. The ones seen in Gears 3 are further “evolved” Lambent at even further stages of infection where the mutations partially seem to be more random and/or uncontrollable to a degree(as it seems the mutation of the host body mainly or possibly completely seems to occur in the upper body).


There also lambent wretches in gears 1, though I can’t remember if they were ever referred to as lambent or not.

They weren’t really a notable point of the story, rather they were more another enemy variation to fight. However, they were an early indicator/hint of the effects imulsion was having on the locusts.

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Are they Yellow?

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I believe Anya does refer to them as Lambent when you first go to the Imulsion Factory, or whatever it is.

Lambent Wretches were described by Anya as wretches that probably were been exposed to imulsion for long time. They Weren’t described as lambent, but COG suspected that lambent wretches appearance was related to exposure to immulsion.

I think they were called “dark wretches” in the original GOW, and one of the characters comments that it was as if the wretches drank out of a fuel tanker as they glow like imultion.

The lambent have been there since the first game just no one knew at the time why they glowed and why they exploded. The second game expanded on it and GOW 3 had their final form.

I love the lore because they actually put effort into it and this is one of those things along with the locust origins that was long thought out.

Ah yes, the good ole Lambent disease check–YELLOW.