Lambent Grenadier Skin?

just wanted to ask where this lambent grenadier is?


Yeah, I don’t particularly like the new one that much.

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Tc said there would be other lambent variants…. That was before they changed their minds and decided to stop releasing new ops.

I don’t think we’ll see this skin in 5 anymore, but it likely was planned at one point.

It depends. For example, they haven’t released any Gears 4 skins in like over a year. There’s for example no Outsider JD skin, despite Del and Kait having theirs. I suspect that, since we will keep getting ToDs, they’ll be filling those up with their collection of old skins.

They must have a collection of hundreds of skins by now. They could keep on releasing ‘new’ content until Gears 6 is released.

Considering the shift to UE5 for their next project, I actually doubt they’ll be regularly releasing skins or any content, really. More than likely, they’ll just put the store on a predetermined loop or make everything available for purchase at once, then leave the game entirely to focus everyone on the next game. Unless they’re making a good enough amount of money on skins to justify diverting some of their resources to UE4 work, it doesn’t seem worth it.

It’s kind of like Dragon Age 2, which was actively advertised to have a major story expansion called “Exalted March,” but because of the internal decision to shift to the Frostbite engine in Dragon Age Inquisition, Bioware changed plans and cancelled further DA2 DLC in favor of bringing all their staff up to speed on the new engine. Changing from Lycium to Frostbite is obviously a much bigger undertaking than going from UE4 to UE5, but I suspect the results will be similar.

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I’m not familiar with Dragon Age, but it does sound like quite a horrible pull on players. I’d be fuming for sure.

What I mean with new skins is that they still have a huge database of skins that can be directly released into the game, no effort required. All Gears 4 skins for example (and there still are a lot of them) can be directly imported into the game. And we don’t even know how many new skins they have left, like that Hivebuster skin of Anya was already leaked back in December. So I don’t think they will make new ones, but they will just keep on releasing skins that are already finished. So releasing new content that isn’t actually new.
At least, that would be the very least they should do. If the future ToD’s would only include coins and recycled skins I’d probably just stop trying to play Gears 5. I’ve started to fancy Horde in Gears 3 again, so I would probably go after that then.

Ditched. :wink:

Problem is, to my knowledge, that’s not true. Physics rendering, lighting, skeletons and animations, how textures work with one another, etc., are not the same between games. Open up Gears 4 to look at the skins that are also in Gears 5, then look at Gears 5’s. They’re noticeably different. The few times TC has spoken on this, they’ve said it’s absolutely not a 1:1 port, and I believe them. A lot of things people assume as “no effort required” turn out to be a lot of effort required, even if on the surface it seems like it’s easy.

I’ve worked in tech and web development for long enough to know just because something looks the same doesn’t mean it is the same on the backend. So that’s my two cents.

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One of the last things Shauny confirmed was BS Myrrah being a 1:1 port. Hence why her face looks so different. Add it to the mountain of TCs lies.


Hmm ok. So just hope they already have a database of ported skins I guess, to keep on going for some time.

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The textures or the wireframe model and everything? Because if the latter, she should move like jank, too.

Ask Shauny. Oh, wait. But his response should still be buried somewhere in the renamed twitter-account.

Oh God, Twitter. I’m really curious, though. Maybe I’ll look through on my lunch break.

Buuuut… we won’t. And we know this.

That’s the whole thing… this is the last operation, so from what TC have basically said, this is the end of content being added to the game. Yes, there should be more content based on what character skins have already been released (we should get JD outsider skin, but they never said just cause one character got that variant, that automatically equals every other older gears 4 outsider skins would be released… perfect example is that in 4, we got zombie dom. Everyone assumed we’d get regular gow3 dom - which is what the zombie skin was based off of - but TC decided to not release that skin. There was the base model for that variant but it was never released… so just because they release one skin doesn’t automatically mean it’s counterpart or other skins in that family of skins will be released), but that’s not how it works.

Also, they said we’re getting one more mid season drop, which if I remember correctly, will consist of 4 new characters and 2 maps, but then that’s it. All content for gears 5 has come to an end. They’ve decided to stop supporting the game and are starting to focus on gears 6. It might only be going into the pre-production stage, but TC said they wanted to shift their focus onto unreal engine 5 and then gears 6 at some point, so all content for 5 has come to an end.

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Every skin can’t just be copy/pasted from 4 to 5. From what we know, basically all GOW4 skins have to be rebuilt in 5 because of how the character models are built. The only known skin (that I know of that TC actually admitted to) that was a direct pull from 4 was the black steel Myrrah skin. Just like I said in my other comment, just because they have a selection of skins doesn’t automatically mean we get them. The whole problem is that TC/MS have decided to stop adding content to 5, so it’s more likely that resources have been shifted away from 5, so they can’t just decide to do work on 5 when they’re not given the resources to do so.

We all want a lot more content in gears 5, but it’s at the end of its lifecycle. TC openly announced this, so all the wishing in the world won’t get fan favorites (that aren’t yet in the game) brought into the game.

Also, they said 2-3 operations ago that they planned to keep releasing new operations and a lil before that, they said they were gonna hyper focus on releasing a bunch of new/remastered maps (cause they heard the community’s wish for lots more maps), then all of a sudden, TCs (of maybe Microsoft’s) leadership changed the game plan and the plan to keep going with operations and lots of maps ended. They announced back then that op8 would be the end of content updates, so all the “they have a lot more characters to release” wishes in the world won’t help us. Sadly, this is the end.

This is true. I imagine it really comes down to the change in leadership. If I took over the reigns of a AAA franchise, the first thing I’d want to do is start work on my own iteration of it, rather than continue to update someone else’s. Once the game is already out, you’re limited to the confines of what’s already available, on a budget and staff meant to just make updates. When you instead get the greenlight for your own game, you suddenly have so many more creative options.

The one thing that sort of worries me are the rumors that TC is in pre-development on a non-Gears game. Whether or not they’re true, who can say. But with new upper level management, it’s possible that Gears 5 will not be succeeded by a new Gears for a considerable amount of time if they decide to try a different IP instead. I do love Gears 5 PvE, but I can only play it for so long, and PvP is just… not good right now. I’m really hoping we get a confirmation of Gears 6 sometime by next E3. :crossed_fingers:


So that’s why we lost him. He knew too much.

Poor man. One does not talk about future content. Silly boy. RIP.

New Operations stop with 8 but they will continue to release new Tour of Duties, so we will still get new skins for existing characters.

I agree with you, but some in this topic beg to differ. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks who is right.