Lambent Bundle | Worth it!

few of my pals and me were playing when store update, we checked it out and everyone of us in the party chat went and purchased the Lambent Bundle after checking it out ,we all think it’s worth it,

The weapon skins are well done, they did great job especially that blinking eye, of course the Lambent Characters are great but to us the weapon skin set sealed it for us.

Great job there TC.


Flex thread :joy:
Nah for real tho they really do look nice af and the bleeding imulsion is a nice addition finally
I was disappointed in gears 4 when they came out and still had red blood
In all honesty I bought ue version for $80 and haven’t spend anything else in 5 (except hive buster dlc) but may actually buy this pack they did good this time


Also depending on when I get outta work tonight Ill be on later if u tryna stack up a few koth games

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bro more than any other weapon skin, this weapon skill seals it for me, i’ll be rocking it for quite some time

Idk I still always rock the black phantom lancer 95% of the time low key mostly so im less noticeable when in cover…but they are the first skins in a pack that I think aren’t too overly bright but still very aesthetically pleasing enough I’d rock the whole load out

I think team rock is still one of the best in 5 but cuz it’s so bright I barely use them tbh :joy::joy:

hey Smokin! yeah we can get some games in, yeah team rock is slick also, ahhhhh so you use not too bright weapon skins so as to not be seen, lol, you trying for your weapons to be T-800 haha,

Yeah and no lol
idk sometimes I go all bright but for me it’s mostly the lancer skin I don’t want too bright cuz when ur in a corner shotty out ur lancer skin Really sticks out a lot
Tbh skins like the kryll set are a perfect balance to me where they aren’t too bright but still got a great image /color Scheme to them…
also f**k the terminator lol

i can’t remember name of this skin but i’ll tell ya when i get back on Gears 5, it’s sleek looking and dark, you may like

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Definetly worth it Op,loved the eye on the weapon skins

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