Lambent and imulsion skin pack

I’ve bought the 3 pack of the skins that cost 400 a total of 39 times and haven’t gotten one character. This is insane you guys need to make it so if you buy a pack more than 10 times you automatically get one

I disagree, because most people find the droprate is really good. Also it will be unfair if someone spends money and you get the character guare teered after 10 packs.

The current approach is fine.

But for miraculous reason TC does do this, then it should be after 100 packs at least.

Unfortunately that’s RNG for you. It took me until my 11th or 12th 2000cr pack to even get a single character.

In the end it took me 100,000cr to get all of the skins. For some people it took a fraction of this.

Dude it keeps giving me the SAME imulsion skins. The last 40,000+ credits have been duplicates of the same 4 imulsion skins. I’m so pissed. It really is pathetic when you KNOW tc changes the outcomes of what’s in the packs. I’ve seen it so many other times and it’s so debilitating not being able to do anything about it and just wasting hard earned credits for what could have been.
I just bought the skin pack for $7.99 …,…

RNG is random, my friend got a character within 2 packs of the 400 Cr option.

I got all three in 18,000.

Took a total of 80,000 credits until I got my first Imulsion Gnasher.

Someone else could do it in less - some more.

That’s how random RNG packs worth.

How to improve RNG?

Either get rid of it or have a system than can enable zero duplicates. Essentially meaning you would get everything within a certain amount of packs and credits.

To be blunt, getting the 2,000 Credits option would have had higher chance of character.

I’ve now bought a total of 66 packs and still haven’t gotten a character… I really hate this system

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2000 credit option worked for me. 14k in credits got me all 3 characters. 400 credit only completed the lambent set. 4k in credits for that. just putting up drop rate statistics to compare

I got all 3 characters in 6 of the 2kCR packs, and all the skins in about 20 more.
The 400 packs have been no good for me, and friends reported the same.

That said, it’s random so some with have better luck than others. I buy the 2k ones to get the good stuff faster because I have enough credits.

Lucky, I still yet to find the grenadier. Im probably going to give up tbh.