Lahnis card are broken

Claw is nowhere to be found and since my Lahni was Lv20 already the new tap card didn’t unlock at Lv18. Lovely update. Really enjoying it.

None of the new cards have unlocked for me at level 18 with any character.


The person I’m playing with rn already has that card unlocked so welcome to the Club I guess.

The claw card doesnt appear in the Detail > “view locks” page. What level is it supposed to be at?
18 is energy surge

No one knows. But it doesn’t appear as locked in the card-pool as well.

Same here mate, all new lv18 cards haven’t unlocked, despite being at required class level

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Hear say suggests TC is aware of this and is working on it. I havent seen any statements from TC so do with that what you want lol.

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Blade Dance - Lv 19 unlocked just fine but the Tap card is locked despite unlocking with Lv18. Just lovely.