Lahni only has 1 skin?

… Why?
There’s literally 0 skins for her in the store, or customization screen.

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Ronin Lahni is being worked on as we speak. Patience friend.



Source: Trust me dude lol


Sorry I was taught not to trust random dudes on the internet


Hivebuster, Islander, and Chrome Steel.
So actually there’s three.


I dont really count Chrome Steel skins since they are premium


None of those are in the store

Doesn’t change that they exist, and at least Islander will return at some point.

When he asks why there’s 0 in the store and things that are not in the store get mentioned then how does that help?


I wanna see Prison Lahni or maybe Dress Lahni (like in comics) :anguished:


Yeah, premium feces. #Blacksteelwasbetter

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Well the reasons are different. The Islander skin doesnt show up because it hasn’t returned yet and Esports-stuff never shows up unless you own it.

Was that helpful enough, huh?

If feel like it was a mistake to co-miserate over the truth that for the OP and I there is only 1 Lahni skin available at the moment.
Nothing is going to be helpful except a reduction in apathy from someone with the keys to the store so talking about it is just a waste I reckon.
In that regard I guess you’re helpfull enough. I’ll just take my shame and go kill some grubs


Well, personally. I don’t count chrome steel since I don’t have 20$+ to spend buying a skin for a character, and even then I don’t see how people are friggin insane to actually spend 20$-40$ on just one-two characters for horde mode.

Yeah, I’m talking about you Sarah and Grace. Atleast I can get Emile and Kat for 1$.

Sarah was free along with the t-800

Actually, if you look in the bundles section of the store.
She’s 20$. Just to play one character in Horde mode.

She has different skin on in her Horde/Escape cards, I kinda wanna see what that is. Probably her Brash Brigade armor or something.

Well she was free at one point. I have her and I definitely didnt or wouldnt spend a dime on the Terminator characters

Yeah, it’s just stupid how anyone in the right mind would spend 20, or even 40$ on two very bad characters in Horde mode, they should be free.