Lahni - On The Flank

The damage boost (100% at level 5) takes affect when she’s either higher or lower than the target.

She can purchase a Longshot from the fabricator in Horde Mode.

It looks like they nerfed this :frowning:
Very sad because that made it playable.
Maybe it is still playable but now it’s MUCH harder to get to pay off and when I can get it to work it’s usually not on critical targets or times.

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I’d be interested in an proper explanation of the skills “On the Flank” and “Flank 'em.” I had been equipping thinking so long as I’m not shooting head on at them, but slightly from the side, then I’d get the damage boost. Now, I’m not so sure. How much do you need to be flanking? Does the enemy need to be turned at least 180 degrees from you? How does it calculate?

one of the biggest indicators that I had when I was trying to get a feel for it was “who they were shooting at”.
If they were shooting at me or running to me then it would not at all work. But if the same guy started shooting at an AI then it did work.
This makes it an undesirable card to me because most of the time the guys that I want to shoot most are the onest shooting me but with a great team then maybe it could be nice where we could double team guys - especially Marcus and Lahni. Both could just take turns reaping the benefits of the other drawing fire.

I loved it when it was different elevation. I want to keep loving it but I’ve got to find the way first.

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