Lahni Brawler and Venom Blade

It was brought to my attention by @HerrKatzchen and @AmicableWall421, from another thread, that I can’t reply to, that Brawler isn’t needed when you have Venom Blade, and y’all were definitely right. I’m so use to playing with Emile that I naturally keep max damage cards on the melee characters. But not with Lahni anymore, lol.

Numbers below come from Lahni first two melee strikes then bleed damage until they die. Calculated per millisecond. This is with Venom Blade at lvl 4.

With Brawler
Drone: 3.0 secs
Sniper: 2.4 secs
Reject: 5.4 secs

Without Brawler
Drone: 3.3 secs
Sniper: 2.9 secs
Reject: 5.3 secs


For melee characters it’s more helpful to stay alive longer than output more damage. With Cole it’s a bit similar. I heard people playing with Haymaker but it’s pointless. Also people use his Ultimate to apply damage quicker but you really don’t need it.

As for Lahni there is rare instances where Brawler can be helpful (e.g. instead of Mid-Range Resistance). Those particular cases being The Warren or The Line for instance. Usually the shooters can be separated from the close-combat enemies and the close-combat ones have a bit more health than in any other hive that’s why it can be helpful.

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I noticed this a couple of weeks ago when maxing out Lahni’s cards. So now instead, I either run Short Range or Mid range ballistics resistance too, dependent on map.

With all cards at L5, Lahni is a tank!

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I would argue Shock Chain can be just as good - whether it is intended or not I found it would deal bleed damage to enemies[whether they have to be in venom when struck by the Shock Chain or if only Lahni has to be is something I yet have to test] and turn into an extremely destructive weapon to replace Short or Mid Range Resistance with as it is capable of wiping even several Scions out(unless Shorter Ultimate is in play or you’re doing The Line with the ultra tough Scions) or otherwise being useful against Drone type enemies as it wipes them out within seconds. Also great against Juvie and Popper mobs.

I would definitely substitute mid-range for Brawler if I’m playing The Line.

I find that Short Range is mandatory, well, for my playstyle. I don’t even pickup weapons as Lahni or Emile 98% of the time playing with them. So I’m always up close.

Out of curiosity, what do people run with Lahni?

I go (all L5)

Thrill of the Hunt
Venom Blade
Shock Chain
Venom Resistance
Either Short or Mid Resistance

I’m under the impression that short range ballistics are less damage from shotguns and close range weapons, so I’d equip mid range ballistics for example in The Surge with no shotgun drones. Or is it calculated on the distance to your enemy?

I think the damage is range based as I did notice a minor decrease in survivability if dropping Mid Range Resistance for Shock Chain against the likes of Mulchers at mid range while in venom.

And The Surge does have Grenadiers and Grenadier Elites. But you may not run into them depending on where you go or what modifiers are enabled.

I personally used to run a full tank build, eg all three resistance skills, Thrill of the Hunt, Venom Blade, until I discovered Shock Chain causing bleed so I often take that instead of Mid Range Resistance… at least until TC decide Shock Chain transferring bleed, which actually makes the skill useful, is too much fun and “fixes” it.

It always depends on the map but that is usually the default setup. Shock Chain can also prevent enemies from shooting so that can be handy too.

With short-range resistance combined with Venom Resistance you hold out one Gnasher bullet, otherwise you don’t. That’s pretty much the big difference with that one. Obviouslymelee attacks do less damage too.

With Emile, I try to pick up a Gnasher since with his Gnasher damage card, as long as the Gnasher is equipped, his melees get stronger too (25 percent.) You can do the Claw trick with Cole so all of his melees do 3x damage, making him a force to be reckoned with.

For the line you might consider running brawler but I wouldn’t even recommend running it on the warren (at least not when you solo run it on master with Lahni) since you’re fighting most of the time in the venom anyway so the venom blade suffices.

  • Being outside the venom, it takes Lahni 4 knife slashes to kill a standard juvie (not the buffed warren version). With brawler on she can kill them in 2 swipes being outside the venom.

  • However when engaging juvies in the venom the difference becomes absolutely negligible and for example on the warren they bleed out relatively fast with just 3 knife slashes with or without brawler on. With brawler on they die about half a second faster which doesn’t really warrant putting the card on. Apart from her 3 standard cards, you’d probably want to run short range deflection and shockchain which are better suited for this map.

But in your case this is irrelevant anyway since you only enjoy kicking ■■■ with Cole anyway :grin:

^fixed that for you

Pretty sure it also affects Melee-damage. Might be wrong though.


It does. I tried without it yesterday and got one swiped inside venom while Elite Grenadier was bleeding. I did have Venom Resistance on and it’s not enough.


How does it work with Cole and claw? I don’t pick up any weapons with Cole.

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This only works in Horde. You get Jack to hijack a HB drone or a Claw drone and then he trades it to Cole. It will make his melee 3x stronger if he holds the gun. I did it yesterday and on Inconceivable, the Cole I traded a Claw to only needed 3 hits to kill a Stump on wave 45. He said his Cole was only level 14 so he should be capable of even more damage.

If you hold a weapon that gets a damage boost, your melee will get stronger too. That is why Emile runs his Gnasher card: he gets 25 percent stronger melee on top of everything else.


Ah okay. Was thinking about escape.

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Does this include Cole’s tackle attack or just his punch?

Since we’re on that subject, this also applies to bleeding enemies if Kait is holding an Overkill or Gnasher and has Blood Resonance equipped. It doesn’t put her damage into One Punch Man territory like Cole’s, but it definitely makes it quite high. Can get close to or maybe even above 2,000 per melee hit with all available damage bonuses for her.


Both I am pretty sure.

Thank you for this :+1:

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Since this is a Lahni post, I’ll just throw this question in here.

Is Lahni’s PVE character model too short for throwing heavy weapons over cover?