Laggy Interface? Server Side Loading Issues?

Past couple days there has been an increase in delay through all of the menus. Connecting to online services, loading playlists, starting matchmaking, stopping matchmaking, loading up store (this has always been very slow). Each of these menus are now taking up a minimum of 30 seconds to go through and is drudging down the searching experience. I’m on PC but I have had someone on Xbox say the same thing is happening to them.

We’ve also had quite a few dissolves today as well be it from the creating lobby, to validating match once the map has fully loaded. Could be a part of it as well? NAT is Open, connection seems fine.

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A few people have been experiencing this now.

Could be a server issue or something.

We probably won’t ever find out as TC doesn’t really comment on it or provide updates on this.

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I was having a matchmaking problem where the countdown timer counts backwards, lol.
When it’s supposed to be Map Lobby screen, I could hear it but still on ‘matchmaking screen’.
‘Loading Map’, but goes from 1 second and onwards…
After 20~ minutes and it says I might get penalty if press back.
Went back anyway, ‘loading’ for like 2~ minutes.
Matchmaking again, but no penalty anyway.

Wow, never seen that bug before :sob:

Maps take about 4 times longer to load and I often don’t get any credits or XP after matches, and it never reimburses me the stuff I missed even when I start getting credits and XP again.

The various countdown timers during initial loading are also totally messed up and only appear when they feel like it now.

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The no credit and XP thing is definitely issues with the servers.

Today (06/13) been trying to connect to a TDM match for 30+ min. This is the first time I ve ever had this happen. I’m central u.s. too.

Been getting this lately too, for the last week

Yeah that’s the best part about all silent server side updates by TC. They mess up something heavily then just steadily ignore the players reports on the issue.

This franchise simply deserves a developer!
Not graphic designer studio, not business development packs manufacturer, not 3rd person shooter trade for stategy or mobile pop nonsense… A DEVELOPER that develops GAME THAT PLAYS. How hard is that to imagine??

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Like the Horde skill tracker for the skins that is still broken after 3 working days despite just being classified as a “visual bug”?

They must have like one guy working on Gears 4 these days and everyone else working on Gears 5…

The gears 4 crew must be tiny now. It’s the only thing that makes sense

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Yeah, the lack of communication is so frustrating!

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Im not sure but has someone asked about this issue on the community live stream? Because this is something that has been increasing and I’ve had the issue myself.

I logged in, loaded up guardian, found a game within 30 seconds, in the third round I start to see the frame rate icon display and time freezes. Everything comes back to normal game starts running fine then it happens again. This time it stays there for about 15 seconds and then I get booted to the lobby. The next thing that happens is the laggy load up back into the game, he tries to find a host it finds it starts to connect and then kicked me to the lobby again. I try to re-join again it won’t even download the playlist, after all that and trying to search , Which was about five minutes I didn’t see I have 12 minutes remaining on my band:-)

More server issues tonight. Don’t even know how I’m supposed to dodge this from happening besides just not playing. I got stuck in a validating match loop while my teammtes played. Finally waited long enough and alt-F4’ed trying to get back in the game and receiving a ban. Of course, this ranks me down after ~10 wins with no % up.

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus What am I supposed to do to dodge a rank down when your server decides I can’t play?