Laggy Game? For the past 2 days or so

Trying to figure out if this is an issue on my side or not… and found no other threads (recently) about bad connections.

But for the last 2-3 days I’ve had really terrible connections with Gears 5, lagging all over the place in MP and even when trying Escape/Horde Solo.

My issue now is that any other MP games I play often (Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six, Mortal Kombat) have experienced next-to-no connection issues whereas Gears 5 seems to be all over the place. Just barely got it to work for about an hour yesterday for bounties but otherwise it hasn’t been working strongly.

Is this an issue with anyone else or does my Xbox just have aids?

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No problems on my end.

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Flagged as off-topic.


It’s analogous to my current Gears experience so I’d argue @GhostofDelta2 that it is in fact ON topic.

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No “skippy” lag… just ping is a rollercoaster game to game. :man_facepalming:

Havent had a game where there is no lag

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As of today I cleared out the persistent storage under blue ray and I also cleared the cache the other way with the power did the whole unplugging for 2 mins and to my surprise It actually worked, for a few matches. When it felt sluggish I did it again and it actually worked again. Idk if it’s a coincidence. It’s something I’m gonna keep doing now untill I don’t see any results. For the past couple of weeks I been having issues with Gears that’s why I had to search somethings out after @SeeLogisticz brought it up to my attention.


Also get lag on horde,this past month,it’s annoying,I even look on custom for full ping in lobby,But I still get lag when I’m in game,Not my internet/I’m hard wired,tried for execution in horde,Chainsaw/retro,I get downed.Even b4 I get the execution,or try and get kills,Not throwing a tantrum,Just want a good game where I can pick DBNO,and maybe a kill or two

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I’d bet it’s all coincidental

Nope. Had problems late last night and this morning did the same cleared right up for the moment. Even told mo it’s like how he reboots to fix frames and to do it to mystics x box.

Do you use Instant On?

I can’t imagine why you’d have to do any of that on an Xbox. In our case it’s a video driver issue. I hope it fixes your issue but I’m still not sure. Stranger things have happened.

No i don’t(energy saver). But my x box will never turn off. Even when I turn it off it boots instantly like it was never off in the first place unless I unplug it. All the settings are off. I checked. Settings are equal to my wife’s x box when I power that down it actually powers down and does a full cycle when powered on.