Lagging out of virtually every match and its effecting my rank not my fault its yours

I’m not sure why living in the heart of Seattle where microsofy is 30 miles away and I’m being put into servers that cany handle my 1gig internet it’s a joke to say the least, seems microsoft cares about their customers about as much as I care about the crap I flush down my toilet every morning, this has been a continuel problem every single gle day on multiple occasions, while I’m st it what happened to this do called weapon running? It seem to be back to the same as gears 4 and not only that the kill came just shows how much error is going on not sure why that cant be fixed on my screen it shows me aiming and shooting directly at some one in their screen it shows me aiming slightly to the left or right and more than half the time the shot it showed me fire on my screen doesnt show me firing at all on theirs, garbage servers I have no buissness being on

Look on the bright side, at least your bowel movements are regular.:toilet::poop::roll_of_toilet_paper: