Lag problems. Who's to blame?

Trying to figure out why I’m getting really bad lag all day today. Every playlist I’ve tried (custom, quickplay and Arms Race) I’m getting horrendous lag all match long. Like where you’re running but you keep appearing in the same spot you were a second ago.

I checked my internet speed and that was good ( I play on Wifi and almost never have connection issues) . I only have 3-4 devices connected to the router which is no different than any other time. I did a hard reset on my xbox. I reset my Router. NAT is open. I’m still getting very laggy matches to the point it’s really not fun to play. Just to be clear, I really never run into this type of thing with my current setup so I’m a bit perplexed.

Is this something on my end or is there something going on with the servers? Anyone dealing with this today? Anything I should try on my end that I missed? Any suggestions welcome.



I played on wifi for awhile but have up years ago and been hard wired ever since… Much better.

Game still laggy and trash but it helps.

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unfortunately I don’t have that option right now. my router is upstairs and would require a hole being drilled through the ceiling. plus unsightly wire to connect my xbox. I’ve been playing on wifi for years but never had extended lag this bad.


Wifi just does not work for gaming, this is not news. You have a choice of doing some manual labour and ruining your real estate picture advert with a horrible cable, or just accept that you are ruining the game for yourself and anyone you play with.


I’m no stranger to that theory. Given that I’ve played with few connection problems and low ping for the last 3 years I was wondering what other possibilities it could be. I would hardly say my games have been ruined, nor have anyone else’s . They’ve been smooth and fluid using my current setup for three years.

It not really a theory but more of a fact lol.

If your connection is as solid as you say then its possible your internet provider or just your internet is having one of theose days. Probably best to just give it time and see if it fixes itself.

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There’s at least one wall between the router and the Xbox. People really underestimate how important stability is.

either way , yeah, connection is solid.

I’m just looking for possibilities. I think it’s more likely just one of those days. If it continues I’ll call my internet company…

I’m gonna say it’s probably just one of those days

I still run Wifi and it’s extremely rare I have lag problems, when I rarely do that’s why.

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This is just the norm for Gears 5, there is no point in trying to make your Internet any better. It won’t help.


It’s a weird thing with Gears. . Ive heard guys on the forum complain that even with a wired connection , good internet, low ping etc etc that they still were getting lag and packet loss . I don’t get all of this stuff. Outside my area of expertise. .

Anyway , things seem to be fine now. Played some matches last night and all was well.

Having played Gears for a long time on various hosts, I’m quite used to connections not being perfect. However, we are talking over 10 years ago.

This quality of connection issues stemming from the server/terrible netcode in a AAA game of 2021 is nothing short of embarrassing.

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I’m also playing in n WiFi had no problems until about a week ago, now I lag out of horde almost every time. I watch my settings for n XB1 and when I’m in game lobby my NAT type is open. When I load into game, NAT type goes to moderate and UPnP not successful. I called VZW and they have no clue. As soon as I leave game and check my NAT type again it’s open. Help!!

If you have a separate modem from the router, I’d give the modem a bounce every so often.
In my home network, it’s never the router’s issue but the Charter/Spectrum connection that gets wobbly.

I’m playing on a hotspot. Is there something in the hotspot settings I can change? When I switch to playing via my cellphone on WiFi personal hotspot I can play just fine on Gears. It’s gotta be something with this hotspot.

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Hmm, we’re beyond my abilities to guess here. Maybe someone else has knowledge of apps that may be able to help config, but I’m sure your phone’s model, OS, and carrier would be needed to help diagnose.

Someone help! Please!!