Lag just caused me to quit to main menu

Some input lag just made me quit to main menu out of ranked and there’s no way to rejoin lol. I went to text in game chat and it lagged hard and I quit out accidentally with zero warning about quitting and any penalty.

Not to mention all the in game lag today. What is going on? It’s making me rage today.

I honestly think all the things they have implemented & continue to try to “hotfix” has slowed the game way down. So many people are complaining & it’s not that everyone just has a bad connection.

Perhaps they need to defrag, like what you would do with older computers when it started getting laggy? :man_shrugging:t4:

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If I remember correctly call of duty modern warfare 2019 had this problem. So many updates and rewrites weren’t removed while patching and it started to clog the game up for console users and caused big input lag and even aim problems. So you could be correct.

In any case. It’s very frustrating. I’m even getting rubber banding and I see other people getting it too. Seeing ghost shots and even lancer bullets get absorbed without doing damage, especially Boltok shots. It’s rlly awful.

That and UP AS everywhere and the nooby gib range seemingly being random at times is a recipe for a lot of anger while trying to play.

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It the stream They mentioned a work around to rejoin that people discovered. Something about a app. Not sure what exactly they were talking about. Maybe it was for PC what app can you have on a Xbox that will let you rejoin a Gears game?

Are you Xbox or PC? I forget.

If Xbox, are you using a keyboard for chat?

If not, I can relate when I say the actual pausing and opening chat is one of the laggiest things in the game. It’s seriously frustrating. I got another keyboard yesterday but those two days without one was enough to spontaneously combust.

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I was literally just asking about this on another thread just now. I’m on console.

Is it possible to have a keyboard and controller set up so I don’t have to use the controller or pause the game to text.?

If so, do I need a specific keyboard?

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Yes, it’s very possible. I’ve been doing it since Gears 4. I use a Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard. Very basic but does the trick.

It should work with any keyboard as long as it has a USB connection either through being wired or from using the Dongle provided with wireless keyboards.

Obviously, the Xbox doesn’t offer BlueTooth so the keyboards won’t connect that way.

Just plug it in, it should work instantly. “U” is for chat, it should let you do it in the lobby. But you’ll also notice that some buttons will change on the menu, for example “C” and “Esc” will appear onscreen instead of “A”, “X” , etc.

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This is incredibly helpful. Thank you.

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No worries :+1:

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