Lag during button presses

Game starts fine on PC and looks good till I try and click on something. Got into the Campaign and went to move but everything stopped when i held down W to move. as soon as i would let go the game would resume and my character would take one step. Tried restarting the computer, repairing the game and resetting the game.

Any Fixes for this?


Friend of mine is having exact same issue. Game was running fine for him yesterday, and when we tried to play today, every time he presses any button on his keyboard and mouse, the game freezes.

His FPS drop to 0 for however long he presses a button.

There was an update today and we think that might have messed something up.

yep since we are pc users it may be fixed in the next 2 to 3 years


Probably in Gears 6 since gears 4 didn’t get fixed at all on PC

Yup That exact issue is occurring which is upsetting since I have been enjoying the game so far.

Same issue here, played fine yesterday and now it is unplayable.

I have same problem! Yesterday its work, but today not! Its freeze everytime when i push Something.

Guys! There’s a solution! Turn off any razor software you guys have on. That should do the trick for ya.:wink::+1:


Thanks! it works. What a shame we have to go around things like that to make the game playable.

Octus said in twitter they have no idea about that and the last patch was minimal and shouldn’t broke the game (lmao).

So basically every Razer software user is affected by this, I’ve myself the Logitech HUB too and it works fine.

I closed only Razer Cortex and it fixed, didn’t need to close Synapse. Might be useful for those who wish to continue using their desktop Christmas lights while playing.

P.S. Yes this issue appears to persist 2 months later, idk what sort of necro rules this forum may have but the post remains relevant.