Lag compensation/host servers

what are people’s thoughts on being able to choose between dedicated servers and peer to peer connections? or just straight reducing/removing lag compensation etc,

e.g the devs tried to say the kill cam was broken, but it never was, all the kill cam did was show how the lag compensation was working,

an article titled ’ Game Design Implications of Lag Compensation’ off of developer valve software website,

The inconsistencies that sometimes occur, however, are from the points of view of the players being fired upon.

For instance, if a highly lagged player shoots at a less lagged player and scores a hit, it can appear to the less lagged player that the lagged player has somehow “shot around a corner”[10] In this case, the lower lag player may have darted around a corner. But the lagged player is seeing everything in the past. To the lagged player, s/he has a direct line of sight to the other player. The player lines up the crosshairs and presses the fire button. In the meantime, the low lag player has run around a corner and maybe even crouched behind a crate. If the high lag player is sufficiently lagged, this scenario is quite possible. Then, when the lagged player’s user command arrives at the server, the hiding player is transported backward in time and is hit.

it also explains why ‘sponging’ is so apparent in the game and wannabe good players developing ego’s saying ‘JuST hIt Ur ShOtS’ because lag comp bailed them out a situation without them earning a kill because they are lagging,.

if it was rare i’d ignore it but it affects over 80% of my games,

i should have left gears with my friends mid gow4 but i grew up on epic shooters and shouldn’t have to quit just because who the devs are, i still hold fantasies epic will rebuy the franchise one day,

getting my 1gb down 100 up , 5 ping connection, 1ms montior punished consistently almost every single match is tiresome

hopefully peer to peer servers return or lag comp is heavily reduced/removed,

before anyone cries ‘hit your shots’ ‘kill cams were broken’ ‘get good’ despite all the evidence proving otherwise,

this is just wondering how many people left playing want the games fixed/gow 6 improved or if its just new gamespass players remaining hoping the game continues to support high ping/lagged players


It happens in 100% of games, it doesn’t just happen when people have 80-150 ping. This happens even when both players are under 20 ping — it never isn’t happening.

Also if you think it’s an advantage, download a vpn and make yourself lag. What you’re going to find is that you lose literally every 50/50 fight, and that people are able to slide into you and kill with the greatest possible ease. “Sponging” shots is a myth — getting shot around corners/through walls isn’t a myth — but when it comes to shotgun chunks, the lower ping player is always favored.

Killcams are less broken than the average player thinks, but they’re still broken.

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Exactly, this game is crap most of the time sadly. But when it does work, it’s glorious!


I’ve been the laggy player most of my life. The laggy player is the one getting shot around corners. The less laggy player is landing hits fairly on their screen, despite me being around a corner on my screen. Meanwhile, my shots usually do nothing. It made peer-to-peer virtually impossible, which is why I had to stop playing Gears 3 MP when I couldn’t afford the DLC maps.

But it did train me to the point where SKORGED Ice and I were able to defeat lagswitching map escapers in Gears 2, Execution, on Blood Drive. It came down to the very last round. The secret: anticipating movements you can’t see, and winning chainsaw duels with guys twenty feet away, then sticking ink grenades to walls the last survivor jumped through. You also have to “feel” how many times it takes to repeat an action before it works… Like jumping over the same piece of cover three times, but don’t try it a fourth time or you’ll get stuck in a dead roll on the other side.

You merely adopted the lag. I was born into it… Molded by it… I didn’t see a stable connection until I was already a man.

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agree with 2 things you said, however sponging is a thing, it’s more connection based, 'quality of servers - lag comp - a jitter in someones connection - as much as i dont like the new gow devs, sponging isnt their fault , they didnt design a bullet rng mechanic 50-70% of the pellet counting as a shot, it wasy heavy prevalent in gears 3,

i have sponged so many people, which is further proof it does exist, ive watched someone land a shot on me , see all the sparks bounce of my chest perfectly , and nothing happens then i kill them, unlike most players however, i can admit i sponged rather than cry 'no your just bad your just bad hit your shots, tell them im good daddy i need this to feel good, tell them they missed and im pro! ’ instead of accepting they sponged ,

someone ran up to me with a boomshot and shot me with a direct hit and they died and i didnt, ive watched sniper shots ping off my helmets, been full red taking shots for 5 seconds and not going down, even been shot point blank by 2 people a couple times and walked out with a double kill,

and people sponge me more than i sponge them,

i can beat players like rise avexy and drix , and 10+ game win streak against sas shadowz ‘not bragging i just like bagging sas shadowz watching him rage and hide in spawn for the match nnot helping his team , acting if hes the best player and never gets tilted’ ‘although i killed avexys a bunch drix slapped me,’ also a pub game, point is i can kill top level players, then walk up to actual gold/silver player that bot walks , hard aims, cant slide to cover, run up and shoot them point blank 2-3 times then they hit me once and i explode lol,

sponge is in 90-95% of my games,

i love gears of war i do, but servers have always been a let down , with either laggy snipers, shots through walls or people just not dying when they should have

also i am the lower ping player, 5 ping average with 1 gb down, 100 up, 1 ms monitor, everyone gets to lag comp me lol,

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It just isn’t — your shots not registering happens when you’re lagging not when your opponent is lagging. Your shots registering out of chunk range when it looks like you should be in chunk range is a thing, but it’s not sponging it’s lagcomp.

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Glad to see sponging making a comeback. It’s been years.

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Just remember that low ping and high speeds aren’t reflective of a given server’s quality. Some servers are improperly maintained and give false results. Line quality is also a major factor that SpeedTests usually don’t show. If your infrastructure is fine, but you’re connecting to another region’s infrastructure, the line quality anywhere along the line might cause rampant packet loss without a server being notified.

Sponging is a thing. I’ll back you up on that because I have so many clips from Gears 3-4 showing it happen (Beta and full game for both). It’s always worse for the laggy player, but sometimes the person with good internet can be that laggy player, despite low ping, just depending on region and server.

It’s a series of tubes, man.


So now we only miss (sponge) when “we” are lagging?

I suppose you are hoping for a TC sponsorship next go round.

Otherwise I can’t think of why you’d make such an ignorant statement.

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The only consistent experience of someone “sponging” your shot is when you’re fighting someone who has significantly better ping than you do, you both point blank each other and they out-connect you.

In GoW4 this didn’t happen, and we had a lot more trades as a result of it. I love having more trades in the game, but people like you, OP, and others want to punish players with high ping so TC lowered the trade window and introduced consistent sponging.

Having absurdly ping doesn’t make you sponge shots — a player on 2000 ping dies just as easily, just as quickly as a player on 12 ping.

I remember this. People cried to hell over trades because they weren’t satisfied with breaking even. If I knew the result of that change now I’d have kept my mouth shut. Admittedly was not a fan of trades in GoW4 but hate lag comp in G5.

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i couldnt respond to your initial comment until more people had commented, some forum rule/mechanic i think

i was always gonna say i feel you and im not trying to ruin the game for higher ping/lagged players, thats why dedi and peer 2 peer servers at the same time that you can choose between is preferable, thats how i used to play on 70-120 ping if on u.s servers, just shoot a bit sooner trying to compensate for the lag haha,

and loved the bane quote :joy:

and yeah thats why the post more talks about lag compensation , than say … give us the option to only play with people with the exact same ping etc,

the youtuber ess moomoomilk/sas shadowz /other ess tubers / v ee ch on yt, had good movement on gow3, same with zturtle/mink all them, d is for daniel etc , they all had good movement or accuracy, but i had better accuracy , i used to hit them 8-10 full spread shots every time on average for them to go down, they only ever killed me when they sponged,

they developed egos tryna call it skill, but its hardly skill when you 2 shot the enemy down to having to land 8 solid shots to down them , moomoo was the worst for the false ego ,

then gow4 you get the gamepass players jumping in the ring azyra/azzab/rq gnasher, same shizz different day, take 5-8 shots to go down then thought they were gods sponging, and thats on full dedi servers which shows dedi servers didnt fix anything , all the names i listed above i can land 5 shots on them before their able to land 2 shots on me, and i get punished lol

sponging on this franchise is terrible, if it wasnt id still be playing it all day every day in spare time even with tc owning it, i know their are players with better connetion than me heck some people live on 1-2 ping / some people have 2gb internet down speed, but 1gb down 100 up, on 5 ping more than enough to connect to a simple gow dedi server haha

Sponging and latency are so core to Gears, penguinz0 hates Gears UE multiplayer because it doesn’t have as much sponging and latency. More power to him, I guess, because he played off-host to gather montage clips, and loved the skill ceiling of leading his shots… Which I guess I did too for awhile.

Ess clan players are, generally speaking, egotistical whiners who are blessed to live with good infrastructure. Prior to Gears 3’s map DLCs locking me out of dedicated servers, my half-skilled early-arthritis thumbs were a match for nearly any Ess player in 1v1s… And I was a casual!

Skorge, MasterShake, and myself once played with Moomoomilk (the real one) on our team. It was TDM on Old Town. He hid in spawn the whole time, and if spawns flipped, he ran as fast as he could to the other spawn while avoiding fights the whole way. So we played a man down, and when Moomoomilk was the last man standing, he got PWNed immediately. Lots of other people recorded him doing the same crap in other lobbies.

I’m not familiar with v ee ch, but Shadowz was known to play like Moomoomilk. I’m not sure if he still does. BTW, look up his first ever video about scions for Gears 4, then check the description+comments. I still get a chuckle out of that fiasco. He quoted a post I made word-for-word and passed it off as his own. The comments from 6 years ago include forum members calling him out on it, and others called him out on Twitter, so he apologized on Twitter and edited in a link to my post in his video description.

In fact, to prove there are no hard feelings (since Shadowz apologized, and his video is the only remaining record of my Scions = Locust thread), here’s the link to that video:

i also had moomoomilk on my team back in gow3 and he was hiding in spawn waiting for team to die to try clip clutch moments, yeah i got a few messages from ess players, as they always looked for casual lobbies to get their clips instead of clipping n better players where it would actually make them look good , no skill in clapping noobs, so i used to purposely go for them in the match, made them rage quit / message me several times :joy:

yeah when i first seen the scions i was like, well your clearly just a o.g gears drone/boomer, they dont even look as good boomers, 'outfit/style wise, obviously graphics are cleaner on epics newer engines, something else they can thank epic for lol,

i actually did like gow ue because virtually no one killed me on that game, i was almost untouchable, quads every single match in a row, 50 kills every match while 2nd place had 20-25 kills , then servers went crap at the end like every gow but first year of that game was amazing server wise haha, almost said i preferred it to gow 3 just cause the servers :joy: