Lag comp, WiFI, Ranked lobbies etc

Ok, look, what’s the deal here?
Whatever “tuning” you silently applied in last week or two, it’s terrible.

Every lobby now is with players fluctuating 60-90-120-250… yeah in that sequence EVERY wifi player jumps, lag comp goes crazy… totally unplayable, ppl start quitting, camping, afking…

I’m constantly locked at 15 to 20ms and I can’t find a decent playable lobby anymore in EU!!

Every lobby now is either with jumping wifi warrior either with overseas high pinger that fluctuates. Can you undo that lag comp tuning or should I start packing slowly to abandon this mess?


Assume you are talking about Escalation?

Hi, i have a lot of videos showing the poor lag compesation by The Coalition Devs
Which? Player teletransporting, character sponging, dying by enemy 1 or 2s before the enmy shoots the weapon, etc etc

We all have seen our fair share of “illogical” things playing. Almost 2 years in this game, seriously doubt anything will be “fixed”.
We can only hope Gears 5 will be improved in this area.


Not only esc, every single lobby in Ranked VS.
Pings and lag comp appears now way too sensitive, resulting in random speedups and slowdowns of animation, movements, even lancer burst when fully pressed is cutting the burst without lifting finger, randomly ofc…

Yeah I got it, low hopes for solid fixes now but why FFS they are fixing the “harsher penalties” when lobbies are dissolving by themselves, people are abandoning this crappy logic IN WAVES NOW??? It’s destroying playerbase, devastating online population…

Just remove all rankings, (useless anyways - not updating, not realtime) put back “quit to menu” and tighten ping filters if ANYTHING needs to be tightened here its PING FILTER. And let people have fun finally, no rankings also means no quitters… only keep stats, so who wants to quit can do it after his last life or so…



West/North Europe.

Obviously happens everywhere including the United States so I’m not sure region even matters. If you live in a country with third world internet you shouldn’t be allowed to join a match and negatively impact the experience for others. If I acted like an obnoxious fool at a sporting event I’d likely be kicked out despite the fact I paid for a ticket. Just because you pay for something doesn’t give you the right to ruin it for others.

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To join a RANKED match.
Emphasising the relation of rankings to connection quality - is a M U S T.

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That’s what I meant - thanks for clarifying as I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. They’re free to play Horde and Social until they are able to provide a stable connection to “protect the integrity of ranked play”. I didn’t come up with that quote; it’s straight from The Coalition. They act as if quitting is the main issue when it’s obviously not. A decent amount of quitting would no longer happen if they fixed the biggest issue which is the poor connection players. There would still be quitters because there are sore losers but you need to address the lag too.

Honestly, they act as every fix requires a massive amount of funds and “engineering work”, every gameplay fix… while packs, skins, RNG, money generating tools and items are maintained regularly. On top of that, the same for all players, esports supporters, season pass owners, harsher penalties while servers are drowning in issues seems so cynical. Along with “works as intended” and “investigating” with no fixes… Really… Yesterday, I’ve been kicked out of every other lobby, server disconnections, rebooting the game a few times per hour… Really… That’s what happens when you make cost savings with engineering work at the first place!!


I didn’t even play yesterday and it was marvelous. I had no frustration because I didn’t deal with lag and it’s exactly how gaming is supposed to be. I love Gears and the gameplay always brings me back but within 5 seconds of spawning into a match I’m already annoyed because my movements are screwed up due to that high ping warrior in there.

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Man, I know how you feel. Same here.
A day without MP VS gears turns lately to be a splendid day full of positivity, no frustrations, no anger… Yet they wonder why oh why this community is so toxic… We all got it directly from the gameplay, directly from lazy but not enough greedy developers… ■■■■ happens on a massive scale here. I always wonder how do gaming magazines and portals are reviewing MP part of game like this when each update brings new issues and makes the current review obsolete…

Ok, this is it… check the muted guy’s ping.
And he was bronze, and he quitted before the end.
One of many messages exchanged with similar issue players:

  • Hey man, maybe you wanna buy a LAN cable and hardwire your console, the lag compensator goes crazy, we all glitch cuz of ur net
  • Yeah, I wish a have a cable but it’s too far…
  • Too far? Then it’s too far for WiFi as well… You know, people might start reporting you for cheating by connection manipulation
  • Whatever…

I’ve always said that to people who tell is it’s too far to run a wire. That also means it WAY too far to play using WiFi.

Right, but if we’re talking here about 3 months suspensions involved things get more serious than just whatever… Those people must be barred to join lobbies. No ranked play for too far from router wifi players. Simply.

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There are people that will insist that these are rare occurrences.

Perhaps if you’re connection is terrible, but as someone who plays daily with a fantastic connection, this happens every game.

The timing of wall canceling, LT aim animation begin, even when I need to shoot can all vary from moment to moment.

I don’t like being killed when my opponent is not looking at me. If am able to see him looking at me I will do something different! So no, he wouldn’t ‘killed me anyway’ (I’m guessing that’s the theory TC are going off, since he probably turned on his screen and shot - but I need to be able to see that otherwise what’s the point of RANK?)

I don’t like playing escalation and getting gibbed from 10 feet away.

I don’t like dying after I’ve downed an opponent while I’m being crossed because I can’t use him as a shield because his body has teleported 8 feet to the left.

I don’t like turning a corner pulling RT only for nothing to happen.

I don’t like 99% in 5 hits from an active markza while playing escalation.

I don’t like throwing an incendiary grenade directly at an opponent only for him to walk through and kill me, with the game telling me I did 99% damage in 26 hits.

I don’t like being stunned by a smoke grenade while an opponent who’s closer to the origin is not.

I don’t like when my melee goes through the enemy.

11% in 3 hits with the boltok before - its absurd.

I don’t like getting killed by a longshot when you see the bullet trail is nowhere near you.

I don’t like looking at the floor mashing B for 20 seconds trying to get a freaking grenade to plant.

Finally, I absolutely hate the fact that this passes as acceptable quality for gamers these days and you will likely make money hand over fist with Gears 5.

You all may think that people complain to be toxic, but I’ve been playing Gears since 1, and I’ve lived long enough to see yet another series a grew up loving slowly turn into absolute garbage all for the sake of money.

There are very few games left for me to play at this point.


Thought it’s only me, but it’s too obvious for all.
Thanks for the feedback tho.

These poor souls should stay “developing” minesweepers, tetris or something less demanding. This failure is too big to be forgotten.

I love when you are going to say something and add to the conversation and someone else beats you to the punch but @The_Evil_Moo has put it out there (better then I could) as straight forward as possible and the only way, in my opinion, you would disagree is if you are benefiting from what was pointed out.



When you’re 1 100 moonwalk seems so easy