Lag and weapon skins not appearing

Am i the only one lagging in every match all of a sudden. There used to be no lag what so ever also why aren’t my skins appearing on my guns.

Its being fixed in the update coming later today.

Also try unplugging your power cord for 10 sec on the console. and start up the game again. ( it clears the cache)

It’s been like this for the past three weeks made it unplayable for me.

Def not you. The past week I’ve been trying out arcade and the game would lag and freeze for 2 seconds and then resume. I really would like to get into versus more but with all the issues from gears 4 to now it’s not worth the aggravation. Especially when high ping players benefit. Yes horde has issues but play wise a lot less than versus but yet TC treats it second rate. @TC_Octus @the-coalition

I just have constant latency. It’s impossible to gnasher when what I see already happened 2 seconds ago for someone else.

Ya def sucks Gears 4 was the same way.