Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Oscar

…for making the worst decisions in a Videogame goes to TC!!! Who doubt it?! They smoked the Competition. This is the 7th win, what a streak!!! Every single OP!! Mindblowing!!! Now here a few decisions that made History:
-changing Omen
-removing koth from ranked
-removing ranked
-crossplay on
-slowing down movement/adding delays

These are only a few ones, remarkable and impressive!!!
What a lifetime achievement!!!
Congrats TC


What’s kdh?


Sry should koth

King Da Hill


I miss king of the hill. I cant do cross play

I know its KOTH lol I was just trying to be a smart aleck.


As for worst decisions? I think that’s a bit dramatic.

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Nah Its Fine.

Just a tad… lol

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Also didnt “competitive” replace ranked? So we still have ranked but it’s under a different name.


That’s how I understood it… idk… I just play the game…

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But muh master rank. Now they can’t complain that getting to Masters is too easy.

how is the ranking? is it better than the old system?

Don’t know. I was too busy enjoying the new PvE-maps. Turbine and Atrium are 10/10s, Command is 8/10. Not a huge fan of Ephyra yet. Seems way too huge.

I’m certainly gonna play a lot of Control though. Best mode TC introduced yet, next to Arcade.

If a map has APCs and Centaurs, its an immediate 10/10 for me.

I havent tried the new pve maps though. I did play the daily though and that was Ephyra.

Im excited just to have comp guardian again :slight_smile:

Not the way the map plays? You’re weird.

It was a joke :pensive:

Id have to try it some more. I cant exactly judge it after only one game. I was trying to figure out weapon spawns though and where id go to.

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Are these maps not in private matches, i just logged into the game and noticed they are not on the list.

Nope, gotta wait 2 weeks until we can master them.