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Lack of Swarm Skins

There’s barely any swarm skins in the game. It’s the fault of the hero system because the swarm get less love because you’re obviously not gonna be raam in horde or escape. I’d say TC should add more skins but they have more important matters to tend to. I just wish I had more options other than just the un-elite skins and like the 2 blood skins. Anyone feel the same?


Of course. I just wish they’d port over all Gears 4 skins. Including color blast. Honestly–the more the merrier. Never faulted Destiny 2 for stuff like that.

At the very least it means Locust Drone would have 17/2 skins to choose from, giving players a higher priority to actually grind/pay for characters.

I was never bothered when I missed the Locust in 4 when they launched because the Drone is weak asf compared to other Locust, but if they started with Drone, Sniper and Hunter–id be much more interested in grinding for skins.

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Yeah I agree. I felt like this on 4 for a long time as well about the locust/swarm character list before they started adding a few. I felt as though I had far more cog characters in 4 compared to swarm/locust.

In 5 I don’t feel like I have many customisation options with the locust at the moment.

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Chrome Steel Elite Drone was just added.

For 10$.

But nothing in the store and nothing in the TOD other than non elites and Red Speaker.

they should’ve just had you pick a preset of abilities then choose your character in modes with heroes. This would probably make the character dropping wayyy faster

Even for a chrome steel, it’s not that impressive… not enough for $10

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Yet another disadvantage that’s came from that terrible Hero system. These days COG characters are becoming more and more pathetic. We want actual characters, not background characters like DeeBees and basic COG Soldiers with variants of them.

God only knows why TC hates it’s fanbase so much.

Lack of content overall…

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Luckily big daddy Kantus is coming next week to save us all.

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I found it odd they started you with the Elite skins and gave out the standard ones in tour instead of the other way around. I’m glad they did, though; the Elite ones look better.

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Really? I find it the opposite. Those metal plates look lame. I prefer bare skin on my swarm. Also the hunter’s face is covered up on the elite version. The one with the face showing looks better.


Yeah, the plates don’t look great, but the ones without it look strange to me; I guess cause they look “naked” or something. At least the Locust actually wore proper armor in most cases.

Honestly, the only Elite that 100% looks better is the Swarm Grenadier Elite. The standard Grenadier looks terrible to me. Standard Hunter isn’t bad but I don’t care for the face myself.

Of course, I don’t care for the design of the Swarm for the most part anyway.

I wish the swarm had more locust type clothing instead of the brown rags we got for most of them, I prefer the normal grenadier because he has locust clothing and not much stupid armor plates.

Yeah that’s a great addition

Opposite for me. Grenadier looks way better than the elite version imo. Everyone else looks better as elite though. My only complaint with the regular grenadier design is he’s missing his boots. I wonder if they’ll add a true “classic” version of the Swarm. At least for the Hunter and Grenadier because the others look accurate from their Gears 4 iteration.

Well they had this guy from gears 4 who was the original elite drone that dressed in Theron armor but they scrapped him completely from gears 5 even though I saw him in a horde picture for it. Hopefully they add him back as a skin for the swarm drone soldier.