Lack of punishment in multiplayer

In osok there’s no punishment for making up-A’s or for making a dumb wallbounces because of wall canceling. That’s all you have to do in this game, just spam the A button. It takes no skill or thought it’s just brainless

Your profile pic perfectly matches your thread :joy:

Just in this mode tbh.

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nah dude, the whole game is casual

Doesnt mean everybody wallbounces, in fact I see most people bot walking and holding LT.

You said this.

Talking about my gamer picture yet you have a female on your profile pic weirdo. My picture is making fun of players who get mad and send rage messages to me :slight_smile:

So having females as pfps makes me weird? I just said your pfp matches your thread. You’re crying about people Up-Aing you in a special event game mode :face_with_monocle:

maybe if we break out the whips and ballgags that will be adequate punishment


Nobody is crying… besides maybe you because i’m critiquing your beloved gears game

I critique the game too, I just dont see any problems in OSOK.

I dont care what they add to OSOK. If it makes you feel any better then sure. I have fun. I personally dont think it’s a problem but to eaches own.

If we wanna talk comp? Or the tuning, then I’m there.

Well, there’s you. In every thread I’ve seen you make.


LOL “I’m not a fan you’re a fan.”

I think the only fair punishment is playing 3 ranked matches in a row with @TC_Clown

After that, nobody would want to face the penalty of having to play with him if you quit



@CeIticsFan how do you know @grey_mineman isnt a female?

What if my pfp is me? :flushed:

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So many Freudian roads to go down with this thread

I’m uneducated so please explain this word :pensive:

Basically saying that there are suggestive ways that people can (and have) taken this thread lol

Am I taking this thread in a good path?

Also I thank you for not pointing out I’m not blonde :sweat_smile:

I gotta keep up the facade you know? :eyes:

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Ask yourself if it’s Freudian. If it is not Freudian, then yes. If it is Freudian, then no. The path of this thread and the Freudianness of this thread have an inverse relationship

My path is currently not freudian. I’m basically piggybacking off of other peoples freudian actions.