Lack of Fun in Gears 5

I’m coming back to Gears 5 for the first time since Op 5 to finish the tour and also get the masters skins. I noticed that playing this game has become more of a chore than actually being entertaining. There are plenty of great skins and a decent amount of maps in the game at this point, but the core game itself is just not fun. Isn’t that the point of a video game? To have fun? I don’t want to just bash this game over and over, but it’s hard to watch this game/series go in this direction when we all know the great potential it has.

Escape: I loved this game mode since launch but with no new recent hives or challenges, it’s become so stale. In my opinion, escape was at its best when there were earnable weapon skins for weekly challenge hives. Remember the toxic slime skins? It was fun grinding the different hives to earn those exclusive skins. Now all escape is is a grind for XP and coins.

Horde: I think horde is in a decent place. I really like the addition of the locust and I like the character classes. I know they’ve changed the modifiers up too but I haven’t gotten back into horde much lately. Same point as mention for escape though, why not have challenges where you can earn skins/exclusive content. There’s nothing to work towards besides XP and coins! And yes I realize there are skins that are exclusive to maxing out the class levels, but those lost their “exclusivity” when they added nearly identical skins you could just buy with coins (that look better IMO).

By far the biggest disappointment of Gears 5. First off, the tuning is inconsistent. It is constantly changing. I feel like I’ve had to relearn the gnasher 50 different times since launch. The starting weapons for gears have been around for nearly 15 YEARS!!! Why is it so difficult to have a stable movement and weapon tuning?

Next, the game modes. The options for ranked are absolutely awful. I know there is a big following for KOTH so that’s fine. It’s not my first choice but I know people really like it. FFA, and 2v2 need to go. TDM is ok but why is it limited to parties of 2. There are so many good game modes to choose from. If it were my choice, I would have KOTH, Guardian, Execution, and Escalation. And why not have multiple game modes per playlist. Didn’t gears 2 do that? It could be KOTH+Escalation, Guardian+TDM, Execution+Gridiron, etc. Also wingman would be awesome. They could even rotate the game modes in ranked every operation.

The ranking system is just weird to me. It seems like there are too many factors contributing to your rank. Can’t it just be as simple as if you win your rank goes up and if you lose it goes down? Rainbow 6 Siege has it like that and seems to be doing well. The way gears has it seems way over complicated.

Quickplay is boring and there’s too many game modes in quickplay that just further dilute the player base. Half the time the lobby is mostly empty. Quickplay should be exactly what it’s name says… it’s a quick way to play. Have 1 playlist that has many game modes, 1 playlist for the event, and 1 playlist for cool vs AI. Get rid of arcade too.

Player count needs to be 5v5. Why on earth they changed it to 4v4 is beyond me.

Too much focus on Esports makes the game too serious. Does anyone actually care about Esports? Do people actually log into the streams to watch Esports? If they didn’t give away skins, there would almost be no viewers (correct me if I’m wrong). This focus on Esports seems to leak into the game too much and make it too serious. Ranked game modes need to be perfectly even and balanced. Tuning and movement has to be what esports players want. Maps need to be esports friendly. Did we forget that this is a ****ing video game and not a career?

The fun factor is seriously lacking in this game. I know the easy solution is to stop playing, but it’s hard to just walk away from a franchise you care so much about.

Let me know what you guys think. How can TC make Gears 5 more fun?


Another one of these…great.


Of what? People caring about a franchise?

Here we go again…

Crybabies complained about full stacks in TDM as if it mattered so they got what they wanted and yet they still complain


It’s super easy to get kills and know when to shoot and hold your shot lol

Again, crybabies complained that it was unfair in Gears 4 so they got what they wanted. I reach Masters fairly quickly playing solo because it literally tells you what you need to do to get as many GP points as you can; and the solo bonus helps too

Yes, I only get on it to practice on Alternate

I agree, TC should listen more to the bigger versus community rather than a handful of players

Remember, it’s only as fun as you want it to be; not necessarily directed to you but if it’s that bad, move on to a different game

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I’m too tired of seeing these lol, always certain to encounter at least one a day

If there’s multiple people making posts like this saying the game sucks, doesn’t that tell you something? You think I enjoy typing a massive post bashing the game. People care about the game. That’s why they make these posts. The game is straight up bad but has so much potential.


I’d say the vast majority don’t or at least they adapt to the changes

I don’t know what you like :slightly_smiling_face:

Been playing since '06 also, the game isn’t bad nor dead by any means. Go to a different game, everyone here on the forums in a way cares about the game but they don’t straight up talk down on it. It was way worse at launch and you act like it’s completely unplayable now

My guy you haven’t seen a bad game. Maybe u don’t like the tuning or modes or whatever but gears 5 has great gameplay and a very polished compared to a lot of other games. So it may be bad in your eyes but go play cyberpunk and you tell me what bad is.

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This is something TC was usually criticized for, they changing stuff constantly. That’s why they said the last (current) tuning will be the final one.

I think those are there for people who want to play solo and not have to depend on a team to go up in Ranking.

Sure! Then we’ll have constant posts of “I wanna play KOTH but not Escalation!” “Why mix Guardian with TDM I hate that my leaders go suicide charge!”

They we’d have people saying that they score the most points in their team / match and are constantly going down because they are paired with lower skill leveled players.

■■■■ people who want to use Lancers instead of Gnashers, am I right?

I’d bet 80% of watchers only log in, as you say, for the skins.

I’d bet one of the reasons they did so is due to the lower player base… now only needs 8 players instead of 10 per game. That’s also the reason why they changed matchmaking to +/-2 (and Gold players can basically play against ranks from Bronze to Diamond). There’s just not enough players anymore.

I actually got 100% completion on cyberpunk lmao. It was unplayable until I got a series x. I agree Gears is far from that.

I get where you are coming from but things arent gonna change lol. as much as I want them to revert the tuning and bring guardian back to ranked, they just arent gonna do it. So I gave up on that dream, they either dont care or they dont have the time to do it. Im not sure why but people asked for this tuning, who knows what they were snorting but I hope nobody takes their advice going forward.

So yes @Forza_Cali is correct in his “here we go again”
it doesnt matter how many of these posts you make, nothing is gonna change.

In this wise words of Paduk “this planets ruined, let the grubs have it”


Yeah I guess TC has made up their minds on how this game is gonna be managed and they aren’t gonna budge at this point. Hate to see it. I would just think with all the feedback they’ve gotten over the past year and a half they would have made the game be more than what it is. Let’s just hope Gears 6 is awesome!

we all think that, but its talking to a wall at this point. my mind has already moved to gears 6 and we all know thats not gonna be for another 2 years at the least.

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I don’t care how long it takes to be released. As long as it launches in a solid state I’ll be happy lmao

4 had a better launch then 5. so im not sure what happened there but lets hope :slight_smile:

the extra year might be beneficial to TC but who knows?

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From the terrible launch the game is fun enough for me.

Hopefully TC doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel for the next game.


fun until your 4th is dweeb

I played 2v2 yesterday and the teammates I had were 10x worse than the 4ths we get.


I thought that couldn’t be possible…thought it was an urban legend

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oh but it is, the teammate didnt even know how to shoot his gnasher, he resorted to melee only.