Lack of delay- and sensivityparity is what really hurts crossplay right now and how to fix it


Our community is split over this topic and both sides, pro or against it, have valid arguments. now that its reality, i think there are 2 issues between pc and xbox, that hurt our crossplay experience, but could be solved by tc even in gears 4’s lifespan.

—1. There is no delay parity—

Reaction time is important in this game, splitseconds matter. if you compare mouse/keyboard to the xb1 controller, you notice that the buttons of both type of devices have different times to travel until triggering the desired function. the xb1 with its triggers loses against the m/kb with instant pressable buttons. its a fatal flaw, especially when you consider that xbox one controls have overall more input delay than the pc version, because reasons. we still dont know why.

the solution: reduce overall delays on console, eliminate delay on triggers completely as the triggers have enough delay by themselves and raise delays on mousebuttons (aiming and shooting) to values, that both systems are at an even level and enjoyable.

—2. There is no sensivity parity—

The XB1 version has a limit for all sensivities of 30 and you can really feel it ingame. re-adjusting your aim on targets can be clunky at times, especially when you consider the delays i mentioned additionally. Now i dont know for sure if the pc has the limit to, but i cant imagine that, also if it would, people could still buy mouses with high dpi’s. nevertheless you can see in versus matches, how fast pc players can turn 180 degrees in midbattle instantly, or readjust aiming without any effort, while console players look like theyre stuck in a slowmotion bubble.

the solution: if tc gives us uncapped sensivity on xb1, this can help getting on an even level with pc players und give us a better crossplay experience. yet it -might- compromise the game’s pace, as the meta of combat, movement and wallbouncing could change by these new conditions. but that i dont think is foreseeable, as pc players are already mixed into the meta and are doing just fine gameplaywise.


if these 2 factors get ironed out, we have fewer problems between the two systems and a better experience. these solutions are easier to implement for a dev for right now (in my imagination, i can be wrong) than tackling the bigger questions in the room regarding device differencies. i think theyre a good steps towards gaming on an even level between platforms. still the problem of accuracy and some others remain, but for now, any progress is good progress.


I don’t see these things as an issue.

The platforms are relatively available to most people to choose and some like myself have both.

Even on a PC I still use my Xbox One X controller.

I think a lot of people wouldn’t be able to play with a sensitivity of 30+

Even I’ve had to dial it back to 26 or else it’s too jittery - but that’s obviously just me.

The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the small minority who exploit the game and thus “cheat”.

It ruins it for everyone.


There’s no excuse for the triple buffer delay Xbox has and PC doesn’t though. I can agree with everything else you said.

I guess that’s a worthy question to put to TC as to why it that is :+1:

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Theres only one answer to this problem, and thats no crossplay like every other shooter.

I see no problem playing horde and campaign together, but the competition is ruined when we are all fully aware of the fact that M/K and gamepad are not equivalent to one another.

What bothers me the most is that A- this is all well known fact, B- even Microsoft recommends separating players based on input, and C- even crossplays biggest proponents will admit theres a noticable difference. Some will even tell you its ok because movement is easier with a thumbstick, and therefore 2 advantages/ disadvantages cancel one another out?

No. Crossplay was a huge mistake. I dont care if it helped the PC community limp on with its miniscule playerbase.

None of the perks from the pc matter when lag comp comes into play. If you have a problem playing with PC player just cut off crossplay.

not true, when both systems have lag comp, its making uneven as i described. also envi you tell me we should ignore a good solution for everybody because you dont care and play the way you want anyway? i cant see an argumentation there as this topic is not about you and how you play, but about the community as a whole and how a majority of people could play better together. i cant understand how somebody defends a bad status quo against the potencial of making it better, just because of habit justifications of your own. and to everybody telling me i should turn off crossplay: I dont care about how you guys play the game, its your choice and a matter of respect. meanwhile you have no right to tell me how i should play, seriously, learn the ability to respect before you attempt to argue.

Server side hit detection + shoddy lag compensation makes this a moot point. Seriously, the milliseconds will not save you. The xbox 1 elite controller has a hairpin option, it will reduce the distance the trigger has to travel to be ‘pressed’. This is an advantage over the standard controller. What would you have TC do here? Ban the elite controller?

What about delay caused by people playing over wi-fi? Should TC ban them also?
What about the delay caused by people playing over wi-fi on a 10/2 connection that’s also streaming the game? Should TC ban them?

Truth be told, the inputs are much smoother on PC, in a perfect environment. On a LAN match it is noticeable, multiplayer, not so much. If anything, it seem the various people connected to the lobby influence delay more than anything else.

I’ve seen console players do absurd things but what I see them doing may not really be what’s happening. It’s happened to everyone, both console and PC players: you shoot an enemy in the back and he turns and shoots the floor 5 feet to your left and you die. Its because your client isn’t actually seeing an accurate representation of what’s happening. I see console players doing ‘crazy 180s’ all the time, except that’s probably not what’s happening , it just appears that way on my screen.

Sensitivity is a preference and using a higher sensitivity != you being better at the game. How many gears esport players don’t even go full 30? If someone appears to be ‘readjusting their aim without effort’ and you’re struggling to do so, that players might just be better than you. I play on PC with an xbox 360 controller and **most of the time ** reacquiring my target isn’t an issue, I say most of the time because the networking aspect of the game can make some odd stuff happen, but that’s got nothing to do with the platform I’m playing on and everything to do with server side programming.

Look, consoles will never be on par with PCs, as the biggest selling point is the ease of use + the price point. In order to hit that ease of use and price point, sacrifices have to be made.

In an ideal world, console manufactures would all spontaneously get pulled into some quantum singularity leaving only the PC master race and then everyone would ascend to that glorious nirvana of gaming , but until that time comes, just turn crossplay off if you think the PC guys you run into are unbeatable because of the few ms of input delay, just know that your ping and your opponents ping matters way more.

Also, this only for network play, in a LAN environment, the advantages the PC have become important enough to mention.


How about you take your selfish viewpoint somewhere else? Plenty of people play on PC using a controller. Movement IS harder using a keyboard, by far. If you don’t believe that, you’re just being naive.

How about we keep crossplay, but make it so ranked can only be played with a controller on PC?

Or have a toggle for console players where they can only play with PC players if they’re using a controller?

The aim advantage of the mouse is negated by the awkwardness of the keyboard for movement. Unless a PC player has a sniper rifle and can hunker down in a corner for the entire game, they’re going to get outplayed moment wise, for the most part.

Ask any PC player who uses kb/mouse and they’ll tell you the same thing.

There are plenty of solutions that don’t involve stopping cross play.


There is no real solution to this problem.

There’s other factors, including the difference in dexterity between a thumb on a stick and your entire arm from shoulder to fingertip on a mouse. You dont have the level of control from your knuckle that your entire arm can give you.

A mouse click will always likely be superior to a trigger pull as well, even with the elite controller hair triggers switch.

We wont get into FoV or frame rate and all that, as even Id agree its only provides minimal advantage to a PC player.

I started my own heated thread on this under Gears 5 a couple weeks ago. The same people are going to defend crossplay not because they think its fair, but because they simply like it for whatever unrelated issue. Some will even say that its ok that M+K is better. Some will try and convince you M+K isnt better at all. In the end, nothing will convince these people.

And thats ok. I say allow Xbox players who don’t want to play with PC players to turn it off entirely, including coop, horde, and social. If they can give me that option, Ill be happy. There seems to be plenty of people who like it, so let them deal with it if they want.