Lack of customisation and no custom lancer

Does anyone else feel as though the customisation for gears 5 is really lacking in weird areas ?
For example… the weapon skins have been absolutely dire since the start and are so far and few between, in Gears 4 you could make a swarm set up and a cog set up, so I would set specific weapons up on the cog side… for example Marcus with his custom lancer, and the locust with a rusted bandaged lancer.

Not only is this not the case in gears 5 but for some reason the custom lancer doesn’t even exist… yet Marcus uses it in the campaign and you can swap with him to get it… so the model and features for it are programmed into the game yet they have just never given you the ability to have it for multiplayer or horde.
Why on earth we haven’t been able to get bits and pieces and attachments and sprays for weapons so we can customise them ourselves is beyond me, it takes pressure of the devs as they don’t need to 2nd guess what we would like to see and it gives us the freedom to make what we want.


Gears 5 actually has the best weapon and character-skins in the series so far imo. It’s just that barely anyone owns them since they’re either vaulted forever or only given out during Esports-stream.

The Glory weapons are a good example. Drop dead gorgeous but I’ve never seen anyone use them with the exception of 1 or 2 weapons in the middle of their ugly ArtDeco, Liquid Metal or Neon Glow-skins.

Inb4 Black Steel- sure look good, but the gambling required to get a charcter you wanted was more than just malicious.

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I have the glory skins :smile:

Hey Art Deco looks good, and im not only saying that because I spend coins on it!!!1111
Seriously though what is with all that eye hurting Neon Rainbow stuff.


It really doesn’t. For me it looks like no one got Gilded from the G4-challenge, but everyone wants something golden/shiny on their weapons. And the curlicue only make things worse.

I agree with this. I find most of Gears 5’s weapons skins to be unable to even hold a tiny, dim candle to Gears of War 4’s.

I’ve also mentioned a good few times that the lack of separate weapon customisations for COG/Swarm is just plain ridiculous. It was a great feature and I preferred specific skins to either side. I expected them to reinstate it by now but it seems they’re more interested in things nobody wants, like certain immeasurably disturbing WWE characters.


I got it to go with the JD Lieutenant outfit. Hardly used it though, I always go back to the rather normal looking weapons like the Onyx Guard.


For me I’m not a fan of any of the glowing or unrealistic weapon or character skins. And I feel there’s not many, and because they are in sets it’s like you end up with a real of your weapons with the same placed bandage and ‘brothers to the end’ on every gun… it’s cool on one… but it just feels cheap and generic to look at it on all of them. And I find a lot of the others are all the flashing images and neon colours and strange effects, don’t get me wrong I get people do like these so not saying they shouldn’t exist… but it would be nice for it to be 50/50. I mean they had characters from halo and terminator in the game way before they brought in the likes of Cole and baird… and as mentioned still cannot get the custom lancer…

The gears tactics customisation has been so much fun with the changing of battle damage and colours and whatnot. My team look like hardened gears all with weapons and stuff that have personality and feel like that that is so and so’s weapon, whereas I dunno… gears 5 just feels very, generic.
I do enjoy the banners and stuff too I guess, but the emotesame are pretty pointless… and the fact people can keep spamming annoying voiceless in definitley makes horde unbearable sometimes.
Not to mention the emote at the end of a match when getting play of the game works so poorly and looks very janky, like it was definitley an after thought that half loads in… goes on for too long and just feels awkward, was hoping these were all just teething issues but seems more like itsome all here to stay

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