Lack of creativity from TC on maps. congratulations TC

Now I know players are going to dislike this game for certain reasons. Slow movement, matchmaking (playing with noobs), game is lagging, boring escape mode, lack of skill in versus or in horde (JD’s rockets :rocket:) etc. But end of the day, it’s everyone’s own opinion because everyone is entitled to say whatever they want about this game. Although, I do like some of the changes in this game and some of them I don’t. But one thing that I would say is that TC is lacking creativity on producing new maps in gears 5.

I remembered when epics were in charge back in gears of war 3 they bought new and exciting maps each update. The likes of: Aftermath, artillery, depths, academy, cove, azura, slab and others. As for TC,
They have introduced only two new maps in this game so far, Allfathers arena & pahanu and so far we are in operation 3. And to top up everything about maps, since gears of war 5 has been released we had old maps introduced from gears 4. Foundation, Forge, reclaimed, dam and harbor. I don’t mind one or two classic maps, but come on TC. Thankfully, I didn’t had to pay season pass for this game otherwise I would be kicking myself.

I’m not saying if these maps are garbage or good. All I’m saying is that we need more maps please TC. So hopefully, in the new operation we have new maps and when I mean new maps I literally mean new maps, not old maps from previous gears. No wonder why players get bored with this game because they play the same old maps from previous gears.

Oh wow. Such an original thought, I think you may be the first person ever to have such a thought and put it into words…
For fks sake, you’re not even the first person today, learn how to use the search function

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I agree.

But there’s no need to be a knobhead about it.


Lol I might not be the first person and certainly not the last person to post regarding maps. But at least I respect others people’s post regardless if it doesn’t make sense lol.

I can’t be too sure, but the way I see it, past games haven’t had Escape, so I think that’s definitely delaying maps being made, though I don’t know how big TC’s team is and I wouldn’t be surprised if escape maps are done by a separate team. But anyways, the second reason I can think of is because the new maps that were brought in in past games I think largely reused assets and tiles that have already been made, mostly from the campaign and whatnot. That’s not saying there are no new tiles that were made, but from what I can remember there’s quite a lot of maps that just use tiles and assets from campaign missions and restructure them into a map. I think maybe that’s why so many mp levels across games look like campaign levels you played, so they can save time and energy. I think what TC was originally doing was making completely brand new maps, like all the way down to the tiles, hardly anything was reused, which is why it was taking so long. However, TC have already gone on record to say that they are switching the focus to reusing some tiles but making more maps versus making more tiles and eventually making a map. So I know it’s repetitive and annoying to hear and I know it seems to be what gears 5 is all about, but you’ll just have to wait on this one bro. It also doesn’t help with this La LLorona virus ■■■■ going on

Why is he reminding of the guy who made the other two posts of the same exact name?

Actually, normally I’d agree but I’ve recently returned to Gears 5 and the movement doesn’t seem slow at all. It feels fine, for me anyway. Matchmaking has been decent so far, maybe I’ve been lucky, and Escape isn’t as bad as I first thought.

With that said, I’m hoping for better maps myself as the current selection isn’t too impressive. Operation 4 might surprise us.

Apparently TC have major changes coming in the next update so we’ll see.

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