Lack of content is gettin painful!

Why are we in week 3 an still the escape maps have not reset an gave us our coins!!!?
Iv noticed it says theres now 18 weeks instead of 13!! Wtf is that bull!? Im sorry but im sick of this!! An yeah im sure theres some fool somewere that will chime in with there dumb opinion an rush to defend the coalition!! But we cant keep defending such a lazy developer!!! Look in the store this week its queen myrah again with no real difference to her outfit an some poor marks an bloodsprays!! Its not bad enough we gotta wait 4 MONTHS until next op but now we aint even gettin a new escape every 2 weeks or good stuff in the store!! Iv put countless hours into the gears franchise an this kinda half ■■■■■ bull is gettin beyond a joke!! I love gears but stop taking your loyal fans for granted an start treating us with some respect!!


I literally did a post months ago on how they could avoid this issue just by releasing the dev kit to the playerbase

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I’m pretty sure Operation 4 has always been stated to last 18 weeks. There’s still only 6 Hives, so it’s just spread over the same period and is now 3-weekly instead of fortnightly.

I agree about being disappointed by lack of customisation items in TOD4 though - only 5 characters, whereas previous TOD’s had around 10 or so. I’m happy that we’re not getting bloodsprays and so on, because they were rubbish anyway. Hopefully we’ll just get more skins released in the store instead. The two UIR Nomad characters are really poor, but GOW4 was also guilty of this as well and we had some absolute rubbish. I just hope we don’t end up with the Helmetless UIR Soldiers again in the future, I’ve had enough of them.

Having said that, there is actually very little difference in numbers of characters and character variant skins between GOW4 and GOW5 at the same stage of their lifespans - so presently around 10 months. I did a rough count of both, and the difference is pretty small - less than 10 skins. Also just to add that with GOW4, there were a number of notable characters and skins that we didn’t get until much later - Myrrah, Locust Sniper, Skorge, Classic Delta et al weren’t released until around 10-12 months after launch. We didn’t even get our first Locust characters until over 6 months after launch.

We’ve had another new Horde map - The Abyss. Granted it’s using Escape map tiles, but this was a nice surprise - I wasn’t expecting this at all. I’d be surprised if we got them fortnightly up until the end of the Operation, but even if we got a couple more it’d be something extra to work on.


New horde map, tons stuff to earn gold coins for, new versus event, tod to master all the objectives, knife expression, new skins all the time, every week new stuff, op 4 introduced new card levels to grind for, and all those objectives. I’d say the content is filled to the brim for new and returning players


Fair point but
1.The TOD barely has any cosmetics to grind for compared to the past ones
2.Everything in the store is stuff most players owned or grinded for.
3.The “New” stuff every week is actually half old stuff every week such as collectors edition characters and is distributing new items poorly such as separating the nomad skins by a week when they could’ve sold them together and give out newer characters people might actually want.
4.The Horde maps are made Via Tiles and are lazily put together. TC admitted that the tiles already feel samey
5.Knife expression is only purchasable via iron right now.
6.Not everyone plays Versus

TC’s release schedule has pretty much been like this since release - one new character skin released per week for most weeks.

GOW4 wasn’t exactly that different. I remember even during the busiest period for Gear Packs - probably 2017, we’d get two packs per month and each pack would contain 2-3 characters or so, so the rate of characters released was very similar and averaged out at about 1 per week.

I think, with the greatest respect, that you’re expecting far too much from TC. It’s not perfect of course, but Operation 4 has been a big step in the right direction. It’s still a work-in-progress and alot of the things they have planned will take until Operation 5 to fulfil.

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