Kryll Set for 850 iron or 6500 coins

THANK YOU TC, I didn’t buy this before because it was overpriced but damn y’all killing it!



Yep, really impressed with this portion of the Gears coins system.

The skill cards part, eh.

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Agreed, skill cards need to go down.

Imagine being the guy to purchase just the Kryll Lancer for 400 iron when you can now get the entire set for 850.

Or completely for free with Gears Coins, i think i’d be a bit angry. Glad i never bought anything before this update.


Yep really glad I held out the 1st time around. Not just the loadout like originally either but full set… very nice. Doesn’t make up for bringing Blood Drive back, but it’s a start.

Yep lol I loved the set from the moment I seen it, but had smarts not to pay 400 for 1 weapon, rinse and repeat, I knew that was WAY too pricey… I held out hoping the full set would come back later with a better deal… granted I expected it to still just be the loadout set when it did… this was definitely not what I expected, but a greatly welcomed thing.

Bought 2 kryll weapons at 400 iron each (Yes,I’m such a idiot)but I stopped ,glad I did going to buy the set tomorrow definetly worth the gears coins 6500/850 iron .Theses skins are awesome

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it’s ridiculous… all the coins from the ENTIRE ToD AND Medals, enough to upgrade ONE gold card from level 5 to level 6… yeah…

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Thank goodness you stopped! If you had kept going it would have been disastrous.

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Kryll set is probably one of (if not the most) popular store weapons sets, I have seen so many people use it that I would be surprised if it wasn’t number 1 in popularity.

TC (as a business) based pricing mostly on popular demand, if something is insanely unpopular (like 1% purchase it) it tells them that it isn’t worth much in people’s minds, if its something that a huge portion of the community purchase (like say 20%) it tells them its worth a lot, now would it make any sense for a company to not base prices on popular demand?

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Have you seen Zero Hour? Holy crap. It’s even better.

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Definetly my friend ,thank the heavens I didn’t keep going,it certainly would have made me really a idiot *Politely saying :slight_smile:

Zero Hour is the best Set they’ve released in 5, and might be the best Set they’ve ever dropped.

Still not as bad as the de-valueation of Iron in general.

Yep as I said in another thread the grind stopping people playing a mode to get cards is the worst thing about this game. I would rather the card level system was removed so they are just a set damage/stim whatever and you make your Clayton choose from the cards but don’t need to level them or they just left them at level 5 and tweaked the graph as required. Adding level 6 has done nothing except fill escape back up with runners.

Iron went from premium currency to chump change with one day.

I haven’t spent a dime on this game. I would be disappointed if I did spend money on iron for skins, but still I chose not to support their business practice. I’m not saying they deserve to be bamboozled either but supporting that kind of behavior is bad all around for gaming, and it’ll show up in more games down the road from Microsoft owned studios if we buy into it.

To be honest, I’m much more inclined NOW to give them 5 dollars for iron or something for boost.