Koth, tdm, free for all

these game modes are straight horrible to play… on top of the fact that half these kids don’t deserve the rank they got. playing against masters feels like i’m playing against silver players. on top of that how do you remove a game mode that literally defined gears of war from the beginning. execution was how you duked it out against other teams. having shotty fights and the intense part of being able to be the last one alive and try to clutch it up while your team spectates you. like cool leave in tdm and koth for the casual dog horde players that can’t out play some one to save their live but plz bring back execution or escalation for the actual comptetive vets who have been playing gamebattles since gears 1. this is so boring to go from bronze 1 to masters in 2 days of playing the game just dogging on every single player i go against. i mean seriously my last koth match i had a 104 kills and i didn’t even feel a slight competition . 2v2 gnashers? i’ve dogged on every player that i’ve played against. there is literally no competition in this game anymore and it’s sad. i’m not trying to play tdm. boring game mode. koth? you literally just run around body kids and take hill. it’s simple. atleast in escalation it took a little coordination and actually had even spawns unlike kkoth where one team spawns right next to the hill the whole entire game… so sad to see gears turn into this garbage. the gameplay is flawfless for the most part but god damn the game modes are horrible… id rather wait 10 minutes to get into an execution or escalation game because not alot of people are playing it then to play these casual game modes.


@SPARGELKOHL here is a teammate option




Wanna join a 1 time KOTH team with me.

Play one game to obliterate @Aloha_its_Kyle


just add me IDrizzyT… i play cause im bored

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Another fine member for the team! @Aloha_its_Kyle


ight invite im on

Oh. I’m sorry. We aren’t playing tonight lol.

It’ll be sometime in the near future that we’ll be playing. I’ll message you a time and date when I have one

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