Koth Suggestions

Ok I’ve clocked in about 200 hours or so of ranked KOTH, easily my favorite gametype and I’m probably not the only one on this forum that thinks so. Over time I have grown to nitpick certain things about the gametype and my hope (and dream) is to offer some areas of improvement for TC in regards to sacred KOTH.

My fundamental issue with KOTH is that it doesn’t have enough objective play and doesn’t offer enough ways for teams to come back, if a great enemy team capped the hill very likely they can hold it the entire time no problem, the reason being that lancers are strong enough to basically stop anything that moves from getting into the hill and because the hill is already on a strong Power Weapon it means they get 2 strong advantages once they’ve captured the hill and setup.

How to Improve MP in general:

-Mo Maps (ones that aren’t huge I might add)
-Ranking System that works (ranking system should take into consideration basic stuff like match length, whether or not people quit, MVP should be insignificant, etc.)
-Less OP lancers (just make them have less stopping power or remove the active or something along those lines, Lancer have been OP since GOW3 so I doubt TC would ever nerf them but still)
-Really unpopular maps being axed from ranked (looking at you Pahanu and Bunker)
-Better Weapon placement (no trishot on Reclaimed, enforcers/talons should be replaced, Pahanu needs to have a radically different weapon placement)

How to Improve Koth in Particular:

-Longer time required to cap (this gives opposing team more time to compete for the hill and makes solo capping less practical)
-Instantaneous breaking (none of that loitering inside the hill for a couple seconds to break BS)
-Less points per hill (currently its like 60-70 and should be reduced a good bit IMO because again it would give opposing team more room to cap hills/compete)
-Breaks should be like 200 points not 100 (breaks are game saving activities reserved only for the most grizzled of vets, players should be rewarded for going all homicidal inside the hill)

I am aware that my suggestions would likely lengthen a KOTH match by about a minute or two, but again the purpose is to make KOTH more competitive, what I mean by competitive is more breaks and make more hills contested, so instead of a team just shutting out the enemy team as often now a team should have more room for coming back. If match length is such a huge concern they could always simply reduce the overall points required to win from 180 to say 150, the overall point limit isn’t as important as the intensity of each hill itself.

These changes would benefit unpopular maps (ie all the really huge ones) the most as it would mean just camping at hill with your lancer equipped isn’t as viable, instead it would probably lead to more intense fights over the hill.

I just want to remind folks that all this is coming from someone that loves KOTH (and Gears) in general so I’m basically just wanting TC to make me love their game more if that makes sense lol, just a few changes here and there would go really far to making this game a more fun and rewarding experience for all.

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Bunker? How dare you remove one of my favorite maps.

Most of the points you have listed, has been suggested since the game launched.

However the rings should rotate faster. And sometimes switch rotation pattern.

Good post, agree with everything.
It seems that all of the weapons are op! Was the same in gears 4 but at least there was competitive warmup.
It’d be nice if teams had more of a chance to come back against one another. Hope Tc looks at ways to optimize soon.

the general improvements for MP have been recommended since launch of course, but the ones about KOTH in particular don’t get mentioned too much.

As for Hills rotating faster that’s basically what I recommend, the random pattern sounds great for sure though.