KOTH Spawns are fruity

I noticed that the spawns in KOTH are a bit wonky on certain maps and games can sometimes be down to luck depending on which team gets the better spawns. An example is Relic. When the ring is adjacent to the Mulcher/Buzzkill spawn, the teams will spawn in the corners adjacent to the T-Bow/Embar spawn, and one team will obviously spawn far closer to the ring where the other team is literally on the other side of the map

. This would make sense if there was a system determining which team spawns there but it appears completely random. e.g if the enemy has capped the ring, your team would get short spawn and it would flip if your team capped the ring. However, this is not the case. Other maps that have similar issues off the top of my head are War Machine, Mercy, Raven Down (could get a pass since it’s just madness) Clocktower and a few others I’m probably forgetting. It’s gotten to the point where I refuse to play certain maps simply by how much luck or spawn manipulation is needed to actually get an advantage, which is a shame since I really like Relic, War Machine etc.

Personally, I feel both teams should spawn an equal distance from the ring, even if they appear in the middle of nowhere.


I think the spawns just suck in king of the hill. I would prefer if they were more like tdm at least.

If teams were spawned in the original locations then a team will have an advantage if the ring is closer to their spawn. Having people spawn around the map is fine provided they spawn an equal distance away from the ring as the opposite team.

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That would be fine as well. If spawns were more controlled, it would be much more enjoyable. I am in support of the spawns staying at the initial spawns and the team holding the hill spawn farther while the team fighting for it stays closer.

The biggest problem from the games I play is Clocktower and teams spawning right on top of Boom/Drop… that can totally swing a close game, and it’s random. Plus countless times I would be running for boom/drop just to have the other team appear there, with spawn protection…


I started a topic similar to this a while back. The spawns suck and make no sense. Every map there are places to spawn that would be even for both teams. It just doesnt make sense

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Yeah that’s pretty annoying, having players spawn on the most powerful weapon on the map is pretty stupid.

The original spawns should be when the hill/ring/circle is in middle. Then randomly on different sides switching causing the chaos.

But what I don’t understand is most maps that this happens on can easily be avoided theres even spots for each team to spawn at an equal amount of space from the ring

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I think TC feels that players need to be confined to certain spawns around the map which shouldn’t be the case. Like I said, I have no problem with people spawning in random areas on the map provided the teams both spawn an equal distance from the ring (and hopefully not onto of a boomshot like on Clocktower)

but even on clocktower spawning on the power weapon can be avoided. It just sucks that most times I end up loosing is because of where my team spawns. That shouldn’t determine the outcome of a match. And it also seems like EVERY match my team is the team spawning furthest from the ring unless the rings about to change then I spawn right next to it.

Spawns are inconsistent and i can see it being hard when everyone is all over

theyve really should limit rings to the middle spots and switch spawns to regilar map spawns on each side, this way koth wouldget its competetiveness back. right now spawns feel more like guardian and it doesnt work here.

In king of the hill spawn points can be some what controlled by capping the point of the spawn the only problem is that there is no clear visibility or same that a spawn is or has been changed. But some times even though the nearest spawn point is occupied by our players it throws some players on other side of the map i think it has to do something with the spawn point cooldown and then there is sometimes i am spawned entirely between the other team that sucks

Yes, more often than not, the team that is ahead in the round, their players spawn closer to the ring. Seen that when both ahead and behind in the round.

Not entirely random. You can spawn block/prevent other team from spawning. In your case have someone covering the shock and other team will never get left spawn.

Same on other maps, people usually spawn blocks a lot. I know spawn blocks on almost every map except Raven down.

Ideally game should spawn “losing team/team who didnt captured the hill”, closer to hill. Imaging my frustration when i die, someone blocks spawn and it take me 5-10 sec spawn time + 20 sec roadine run 25-30 seconds before I can have battle for hill. I added this rough time to consider I am attacking with my team, so decent wait time.

Yes this does happen, I’ve noticed it as well and wanted to create a thread about it but didn’t know how to explain this so everyone would understand.

But it is definitely annoying when you play this game type bc you can have an entire match or matches where you spawn as far away from the circle as possible and do more running than actually taking over the circle. It has happened to me multiple times. What also happens is if the enemy team has spawned close to the circle, they will most likely rush with spawn protection in effect and kill you or break the circle. I stopped playing this game type bc of this very reason.

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