KOTH Respawn Quality of Life changes

I think the mode needs some quality of life improvements. I do not play this mode the most, simply because I always get frustrated and leave unhappy regardless of win or not. Not sure what the answer is.

My idea is to have respawns removed for the team that has the hill capped.

The uncapped team also should spawn closest to ring to keep game play intense.

This would decrease terrible respawn locations because the enemy team won’t spawn behind you because they can’t. This would also allow the uncapped team some advantage to take the hill from teams that camp it.

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On a serious note I agree about KOTH spawns. I mean they tried to balance it so that if you are spawning closer, the spawn time is higher versus further away where the spawn time is lower. But the spawns still don’t make sense. I think the hills should be on the map center line like the Gridiron flag and you should just spawn in the original spawn.

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Hahaha. That’s great. I’m binge watching the Office now during COVID.

That’s a good idea too. I would like too see a “Dev playlist event” one week experimenting with these new play styles. If the response is generally positive, implement them into rank.


Sounds like you want another mode. Which is good. I like territory game modes. I would love a mode where the ring doesn’t move (koth from g2.)

You get an instant like for Michael Scott :joy:

Basically classic Headquarters from COD4.

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Okay but you made me vomit in my mouth a little.

Just kidding cod 4 was a fun game.

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Not too keen on removing spawns for the capped team, jusst focusing on making the spawns equidistant and stopping teams spawning togther or opposite to each other would be best.

But if it stops stuff like this happening :

Then I’d be more than willing to give your idea a try.

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The spawns should be equal distance for both teams, Also you should never spawn in the same spot the other team just spawned on


I think I like the idea of not rspawning if you him the ring. Not sure, could just wind up being frustrating, I don’t want to sit out for sixty seconds if my team puts up a dominant stretch because that’s not fun, but you can you imagine the people complaining about rank because they can’t score for a minute at a time. That would’ve awful. But from a standpoint of game design, I like it.

The spawn issue as they have it though if a nightmare. They overthought it so bad, going back to gears 3. In gears 2 I played a TON of annex (the hill moved but spawns didn’t) and it was frustrating to have the ring spawn in an unfair location. The worst was when you’d be playing on blood drive and the ring would be in one of the bases, giving one team a free cap AND time to get set up. So in 3 they gave us equidistant hills but spawn points all over the map. That in and of itself isn’t terrible but it just feels off in this game. I HATE dying because someone spawned behind me. This really shouldn’t be difficult, static spawns with a rotating hill that is always equidistant from the spawns. NOT DIFFICULT!



I think the only way to make each spawn equal distances would be to just have the ring move in center line similar to how the flag moves in gridirion like nineteenth hour was suggesting.

And i completely agree with you. There is a downside to eliminating respawns to the capping team and that’s if you are dead you could wait up to a minute to play if your team is dominating, which is not fun for you.

I think many people agree there really are 2 very frustrating aspects to KOTH, and that’s the enemy spawning directly behind you, and you spawning on the other side of the map away from the ring giving the enemy ample time to set base and destroy.


1000% correct. Man I’ve been complaint about this exact BS about objective game design since Gears 2 and I just don’t get it. It’s truly not that hard to get this right. They’ve over thought it so so so bad.

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