KOTH Ranking system is broken. Please address

I am losing a mass amount of points in KOTH ranked even when I am blowing out the other team. I just won a game where we 2-0’d them by 100+ points each. I lost 122 points somehow even though we 2-0’ed them and it wasn’t even close. What the hell is going on??

How do ibsee this screen…

it is ranking the entire team or you? individual rank is given to your individual performances.

be as efficient as possible, get the best k/d that you can.

should it be different? that is another conversation but it does work.

you can cap the ring 25 times and die so much but get mvp, that is not a good individual performance. getting 80 elims but only 30 kills and dying 35 times is not good.

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You’re dying too much

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1.4 K/D In koth. Onyx 3+ now. It’s the system. It’s completely broken and no one knows how it works but it’s better better

it’s round by round, you have to try and perform the best you can. k/d, spm, pts, mvp, all you can do.

you can absolutely have an ok round for say +40pts
a bad second round where the opponents hit back with lots of lancering and lose -89pts
then a tough battled third round where you get +35pts

overall, the calculationg will be 40-89+35

to make it simple, let’s clean it up

40 and 35? 75


-14, that is your match performance.