KOTH ranking system doesn't work well

I could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure when you are at the top of the scoreboard you gain more percentage and lose less. Sounds good. This is how i climbed to onyx 3 this season.i would just cap the hill as much as possible. Now that i play with more skilled players though i find it necessary to set up not on the hill, but at a good vantage point for a better lancer position. Because of this i always have the lowest ring captures and score. I’m always at the bottom, and now i;'m being paired with golds and silvers who do not use lancer like players at higher tiers. like my rank is O3 but i’m playing with lower ranks (mmr?). they just run at the hill repeatedly and don’t defend with lancer so it falls to me. Now it really feels like im carrying these games with the amount of downs and damage im putting out but i’m now losing a lot of percentage and hardly gaining any when we win.

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