KOTH ranking Explained?

Can someone explain to me how KOTH ranking works? I win a game and I lose (-3) points somehow? How did I lose points if I have to have a higher point count to win the rounds…it makes zero sense. I then lose a game and lose 212 points?? So I win a game > Lose points? Lose a game > lose even more points? How does this ■■■■ work?

Hey, I won all 5 placement matches with 4 MVP’s and over 60+ kills in each game and only got silver 2 lol

The points you lose apparently are for the rounds lost or won, I think if you had 1 round won and 2 lost or vice versa, there would be a little less points lost. Your ability also influences the modes. It’s my opinion only Hope this can help you

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Same lol. I’m Gold 3 now. Should be Onyx soon. This ranking system just doesn’t make sense. Is it based on Point Differential (as I thought?) or something else? How the hell could I lose points in a game I won. I HAVE to have more points in order to win, but that somehow came out to -3 lol.

Add me if you wanna play. I’m on PC. GT is same as name.