KOTH Ranked system

I know TC have been making changes to the way ranked works and I recall ome of those changes being that you can play more for yourself in modes like KOTH.
This isn’t quite right though as once you reach Onyx it costs 1500gp to enter a match, meaning you have to win to stay there, but with the matchmaking being broadened to allow for faster matchmaking times this means that an Onyx player could be teamed with 4 silver players and / or face a 5 stack of onyx or diamond. The most points you can earn is 1050.
I feel that with this system you should always be able to at least break even so if a team loses an individual wouldn’t be punished.
Another question I have for TC is why the ring caps and breaks was lowered from max of 10 to max of 5.
This was introduced to encourage playing the objective and not just hunting kills. I thought it went well and there were always team members fighting for the hill. That seems to be reverting once players get their 5 caps, they just go kill hunting.
I wonder what everyone else thinks about this?


This should apply in all ranked modes except FFA. A player should be able to gain back at least whatever GP it costs to get in the match win or lose. Winning should be 500 GP not 1500 and the cap on GP should always be high enough to cover the cost of getting in the match at any rank.

There also needs to be a system in place for getting GP back for players quiting on their team. Each member of the team with the quiter should get back the difference from what they earned to equal out to a 0 GP cost for a game with a quieter unless they earn back more than the match costs before it ends.

We should not be getting deranked for losing an already losing fight. This would definately go a long way to keeping players playing knowing that they are not being penalized for others bad behaviors.

I suspect that this would also help curb the stacking issues because even if your just winning games you would be staying closer to your proper rank based on your skill. Preventing people from getting to Diamond and Masters just by winning all their games with their high ranked friends.


Should be 2 below or above.

My definition is if your onyx 1 should be max matched onyx 3, min match gold2. That would make sense…

I’m positive people would wait a little extra to get a better quality match …


Unfortunately it is almost moot at this point, but I think the entry fee is to high from Gold and above.

I am sick to death of playing games where a quitter on the team will make the match unwinable in most circumstances.

I have only played 5 matches of Hill over the last two days and not even one match has ended up 5v5. My team (all randoms) have not managed to remain as a 5 for any of these matches.

If you leave (after quitter or quitters has already left) you are penalised.
If you stay and lose you are penalised.???

Awful system.


…and my point above is proven again.
Just played a game of KOTH on Blood Drive.
From spawn only myself and 1 other team mate moved…The other 3 did not move for 2 mins ? When 2 of them moved we were 150-0 down.

They did actually move it at least 2 did on the second round and we were 120-95 up and…and I swear 100% this is the truth, my Xbox decided “it was time for an update”!!! A Feckin update. As you are aware you either have to accept it go off line.

Gears 5 HATES me. No doubt when I get back on in a mo, I have deranked into Silver 3.

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Because this damn ranking focus everything on winning, and it punishes if you lose once you are gold or higher , Not getting the max points doesnt mean you played like a noob, and you shouldnt be punished for losing a match.

Say what you want about the older system, but for me it was way more fair once you were diamond or master.



All these players suddenly diamond & Onyx…

No damage calculator …

What has gears come to :confused:

I want my squads back in TDM… too many people just don’t care & lack team work…

Rather have my players. At least I know they’ll try…

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It was worse with pre season. Better now.

I think it’s pretty fair to have to win at onyx and up in order to progress. Just know that now with a loss you won’t go down a lot

They are looking at adding GP for rounds won, mvp etc. I do hope that does happen and other “objective” GP added like “fewest deaths” in TDM, or “most caps” in KOTH to help with GP earnest even with a loss.

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