Koth ranked is broken more than ever

As if it wasnt hard enough to find teamates that try to win … Finally went from top 5% silver 2 … Two games in next thing you. Know negative 1957 points. And carrying … You Geniuses at coalition change the circle to 30+ so now koth is a noob fest. Good job if there was a way to sue this game i would.

I actually quit because of the point change, it changed the way the game played. Was the last straw for me I guess.


Insane that they would do that. I always felt that TC undervalued objective points like breaks in KOTH (and don’t get me started on Guardian points structure). Destroying objective points in KOTH makes me wonder…
Was the problem that they’re not listening to us, or that they really don’t understand what we’re asking them for?


I mean even in Gears 4 a lot of people would rather chase down a kill instead of playing the objective. To me the point change really didnt change the way a lot of people play.

Going off of the Ryan thread I think the dont understand what we’re asking from them

Tbh at this point TC are just spitballing stuff and have no idea how to make things better. They are too slow at making changes (and mess them up even more sometimes) but are quick enough to make money. I left this game a month back. Looking at it now glad I did.


I am nothing but a Koth player, and I honestly see no big changes in how the game is played


I like the point change…I hate the current rank system though. It’s just trash…

I love horde now and just going back to ranked makes me appreciate it even more. If the lobby doesn’t dissolve at the beginning because someone timed out then its a player idling.

The point score change is a massive mistake, its like TC are saying play TDM at this point of the map for 1 min now swap to this part of the map for a min.

They should just bite the bullet and bring quick match back, it had its problems but there was far less baggage.

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There is tho, it def changed the game. Lots of battles outside the ring. Seen uncapped rings for several minutes. I’ve seen team mates walk away from capping when they otherwise could’ve helped me cap the ring faster…just lots of this stuff. I turned the game off tho and it’s over. I’ll follow it here but I’m done with it.

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They didnt release the game with 2v2 gnasher or a gnasher only game type. Theyve made the decision as to how they want to Versus to feel where they want this game to go. Hint: its not gnasher blood bath. Answer: its strategic positioning with lancers.

Ah, didn’t know active spamming lancers was considered “strategic”. Good to know

Eeeeeeeh, I dunno. It’s pretty divided in Silver. Gold is more consistent for sure.

No it’s not. It doesn’t matter what rank you are in, the teammate situation doesn’t change.

You’re paired with literally anyone no matter what tier you’re in. I’ve been paired with bronze players when I’ve been in masters.


This was always a problem even before the point change. 1 match I’ll never forget was in Gears 4 on Blood Drive. The ring was at Torq and the other team was about to win. I was on kill cam watching a teammate run towards the hill to break it and as soon as they got in front of the hill they started chasing an enemy instead of breaking.

A lot of people never played the objective and never will

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With how bananas the ranking system is, I’m sure this could happen.
But I’m curious how you found out what players were Bronze (not just performance wise because I’ve had matches where I played garbo before), since Ranks are never shown beyond who’s in Masters and whatever your friends are in.
Maybe I missed something.

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Hey. So initially I suspected via their performance, so I sent them a message after the match asking what rank they were in to confirm.

They were equally as annoyed at being put into a match with players of my quality as I was having them play in mine.

It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

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It is, theyve effectively killed the gnasher. you better be gears 3 sawed off range if you want the kill. Also, when you come out of the rodie run theres a greater delay to bring up gnasher compared to gears 4.

Ok ill admit teamates can be garbage 75 percent of the time i am now gold 1 in koth and onyx 2 in tdm all solo games also i been put against master ranks and the game favored their team and i still won with randoms. The match making is still broken because it is random who youre playing with